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PS Audio Stellar Phono
Anyone considering auditioning the PS Stellar Phono preamp should consider its very long break in time. IMO and actual experience 200 hours at least. That’s a lot of time to accumulate in 30 days. PS may give you more time if you ask for it. I alm... 
New Synergistic Research Record Mat
I’ll weigh in on this topic. I recently purchased the Combak Harmonix weight and mat. EXPENSIVE! Sorry. I’ve heard so many mats and weights on my table in combination or separately it is nuts. None of them made me use them ongoing. I purchased and... 
Kuzma 4 Point Tonearm
Dohmann table and Schroeder just terrific although I only heard the first gen table. I don’t know about the second gen. I almost bought gen 1 but money was a little tight at the time. 
Looking for A Cost Effective Phono Amp- Any suggestions?"
Take a serious look at Arcam’s R-Phono. Reviewed vey well by Alan Sircom and Mike Fremer. I bought mine thru Amazon early last year because of those reviews, almost endless gain of 60, 70, 80, and 82db plus continuous loading from 50-550 ohms. Sma... 
Looking for a Phono pre around 1K
Ifi Phono 2. Amazing piece of equipment. Music Direct gives you a 60 day tryout. Using mine for almost a year and competes with much more expensive preamps. Loads of gain and power plus a wide range of load settings. $500 retail. 
Tri-Planar Vll "SE Upgrade"
Nandric I have no fear of trying a test record but honestly if I have a tonearm that tracks every record I own without issue with the exception of records I know to be imperfect so why would I need to resort to a test? This seems to be just anothe... 
Tri-Planar Vll "SE Upgrade"
I've had the TriP for 7 years and I have never had a tracking problem with any record at any time. 
Tri-Planar Vll "SE Upgrade"
That's a terrific cartridge.What is the rest of your system? How is your cartridge loaded? Gain? 
Tri-Planar Vll "SE Upgrade"
Transfiguration Proteus 
Tri-Planar Vll "SE Upgrade"
I have thought of it but haven't acted. I'd love to know how it comes out if you do itl 
review iPhono 2
I have owned the ifi Phono2 since last July. I live in a 2 bedroom condo and I am space challenged. I have a fairly expensive system although I have been using the Phono stage in my preamp for years. Having been very impressed by the original ifi ... 
How much gain is needed in a Phono Preamp for a 0.2 to 0.3mv low output moving coil?
Juke,probably least expensive way to find out what correct loading and gainwill mean to you is to buy or borrow an ifi 2 Phono stage. Plenty of load settings and 72db gain not to mention sound that will embarrass many Phono pres in the sub $3k. Do... 
Berkeley vs Bryston vs Lampizator
The lampizator is one of my favorite dacs but only heard at shows. The Bricasti is killer and I have heard it a few times in home systems. Tough call.  Try to hear them in home systems if you can before buying. Your home would be beat but might be... 
Amplifier upgrade
My suggestion is to contact Mark at Reno HiFi. He is the distributor for Pass Labs nationally. He will loan you for a cc number an amp, preamp, or integrated. You can use it in your own system, the only way to make a reasonable decision. If you do... 
Forget B&Ns vinyl. They are just cashing in on what they think is a hot market. I have thumbed through their titles in a Broadway store in NYC and I would say they are cheapie reissues probably from RB digital tape or CDs. Like why bother? Not...