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"What's Your Best Price?"
With regard to best price you never know what is in a seller's mind or their situation regarding a piece of equipment. As a buyer you ask if the price can be lower than the asking price and the buyer decides. If the answer is "no" then neither buy... 
Emotiva UMC-1 Processor-REVIEW
The most consistent problems were refusing to change sources, not picking up audio signals from certain sources, and would return to default settings of its own accord after careful calibration. Very frustrating when you have anticipated performan... 
Your homemade tweaks?
Viva has too much resonance - go with Brawny. 
Emotiva UMC-1 Processor-REVIEW
Returned my UMC-1 after one week of bugs. Never thought it sounded that good either.Replaced it with a long in the tooth and cheap ($240 on e*ay) Meridian 562 processor and ran HDMI directly to the plasma TV from the sources. End result is that I ... 
Your homemade tweaks?
Cast off Corian counter top pieces from kitchen installers for amp or speaker platforms or on top of CD player to dampen resonanceRubber vibration dampers used in industrial settings for equipment footersFoam rubber playmats wrapped around large c... 
Marantz or Emotiva as processor?
Disappointed in the UMC I purchased and returned it. Clunky interface and buggy software in my opinion. Sound quality was average. 
How many years is a flagship component good for?
Until the new flagship comes out - unless deemed an audio classic by desireablity of the educated masses then until it is surpassed by better technology. 
Equipment not worth fixing, what to do?
Put them on E*ay for parts or repair starting at 9.99 plus shipping - someone will usually snatch them up. 
Volex cables - No longer belden???
Placenta audio? 
Volex cables - No longer belden???
Third rail of audio... 
Do all good interconnects sound the same?
Do all well designed cars get you from point A to point B?The question then becomes "how was the trip"? 
Tube Power Amp Recommendations around $2000
The version III of the Atma-sphere S-30 amp is less than $2K used according to the Agon bluebook. More than enough amp for any 92+ dB speaker unless playing outdoors. 
Is HDMI worth the upgrade?
It depends on how critical video switching is to you. Video switching is not critical to me since it is only HD-cable or DVD as choices. Both run directly into the TV HDMI inputs which are easily switched between sources. It also means that I can ... 
Tube Power Amp Recommendations around $2000
Atma-sphere S-30 used should be in your range. Great amps. 
What is Musicality?
In non-auditory terms baked potato rather than Pringles potato chips.Both can be good but one is complete, original, and ultimately satifying while the other is only pieces mashed together held with artifical binders that has been manipulated into...