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Von Schweikert VR 3
Try turning the rear tweeters off. 
Von Schweikert VR 3
Owned a pair and found them hard to beat for price versus performance. High points- bass, imaging & transparency. Low points - not beautiful. Need power to open up and sound their best. Wish I had kept them...... 
6L6 and 807 in place of KT88?
Studio is on point. The particular tube characteristics were used in designing the amp circuit. If it was not designed to accept other power tube families you risk damaging the amp, destroying tubes and/or having crappy sound with substitutes. Per... 
Do you ever wonder?
It may also be important to note that many artists can be clearly segregated into early years when they cared about the music and later years when they cared about the money or ran out of material. Early success begets the later album sales becaus... 
Do you ever wonder?
James Taylor posted on this thread-sacrilege!To me he is the epitome of the singer/songwriter.For this thread - Kris Kristofferson 
Best value in 5 chan. power amp under $3,000
Consider a Parasound 2205. 5 x 220 watts will offer great performance at a decent used price point- check on line reviews. Take the $1500 you did not spend and buy more gear. 
amp recommendation for vmps RM-40
McCormack amps would match nicely. 
Divorcing..Splitting the cd collection..
Take turns choosing original CD's to keep, once chosen make copies of the half that is not yours. Each gets half the originals and have copies. A good quality blank CD burned at a slow speed on a decent burner can equal the original. 
New FedEx Ground and USPS Arrangement
This is nothing new. Shippers use it to cut costs in shipping to rural and super-rural areas where the post office is going anyway but it is not cost effective to send a Fedex truck 60 miles out of the metro area for a single package. My company u... 
Haitian Divorce lyrics
Clean Willy - A euphemism for a monogamous man? 
Are mono tube amps my best choice?
A consideration if you are running 4 tube amps in a small area will be the heat generated. I never realized that when I had a large basement listening area. When we moved to a smaller house and I was relegated to a bedroom (12 x 14) for 2 channel ... 
Your Top 5 Favorite Power Ballads
What no Styx? 
Dfelkai - "Will someone please do my research for me and tell me what to do?"Audiogoners- "You really need to do your own research for yourself because we do not have your gear, your music, your ears, or your perceptions."Defelkai - "You guys are ... 
Opinions on Full-Range/single driver speakers
"Buy my favorite speakers - you will be happy" , he said as he unruffled his feathers. My experience is with Fostex and Lowther drivers both of which had magical qualities with vocals and midrange but I never could get around the lack of performan... 
handheld voltmeter
Go digital rather than analog if you have old eyes and an unsteady hand like me.