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Thiel 1.6 compared to Thiel PCS
It's been a while since I listened to the PCS but here's what I remember. You might get a little more detail with the PCS compared to the 1.6, and possibly gain some placement options, but I don't think overall it will be a significant step up fro... 
any one hear the new b w 683 yet?
Seanacape,Don't listen to Zormi. I think it was very rude of him to suggest you go to another site to talk about the new 683's. That's what this site is for. It doesn't matter how much money you spend on eqipment. This is not just a site for the w... 
Amp/ Pre-amp options for B&W 602 S3s + Bi-wire?
You could consider a Music Hall Mambo integraged amp. It's a nice sounding amp. Should go well with your B&W speakers. I own a pair of 602S2. I've had them for years and still love them. I bi-wired them once and didn't hear any real difference... 
Small Floor Standers
You might want to listen to the B&W CM4. It's a small floor standing speaker with a big sound for it's size. I had a pair and enjoyed them very much.Eben. 
Out of curiosity, where does everyone live?
Easthampton, Massachusetts. 
Awful sound from B&W's: Break In needed?
I own several pairs of B&W speakers, and all of them required quite a bit of break in time. The 602 S3 is a nice speaker for the money. Give it some time, and I think you'll really like it.Eben. 
Best movies last two years
Lighting question
Thank you very much.Eben. 
BB King...for a newbie
I just picked up his new cd today. BB King and friends 80. I haven't had time to listen to the whole thing yet, but so far it's fantastic. 
Need a CD player to match
The Jolida JD100 is a very nice player, and falls into your price range. It replaced my Rotel RCD 971, and it made a huge difference.Eben. 
Instant Karma, John Lennon or the Beatles??
It's a John Lennon song. Can't help with the rest.Eben. 
BB King CD
Yes. I have one called "Spotlight on Lucille".Eben. 
Is the Jolida jd 100 as good as the dealers claim?
I have the Jolida, and think it's a great player for the money. Eben. 
Help with a preamp upgrade
Thanks for all your responses. You've given me plenty to think about. Eben. 
Help with a preamp upgrade
Rubinken, I am very happy with the sound of my stereo. Every day before work and after work, I listen to classical music to help me relax. I was just wondering if the Krell would do everything my CJ does, but do it better. I don't want to loose th...