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Voltage question
Thanks for the input guys. I appreciate it. I'll stop worrying.Eben. 
Cats and audiophiles
There are 3 cats in my house. One of them just sleeps all day. My cat likes classical, blues, and classic rock. She'll leave the room if heavy metal is put on. My girlfriends cat is the opposite. She loves heavy metal and will leave the room if cl... 
Voltage question
In the last location it was usually between 118 and 122. Eben. 
Great concert
That sounds very much like the play list from last Thursday. You will love the show. He's amazing.Eben. 
I'm looking for inexpensive bookshelf speakers.
Thanks for all your responses. You've given me quite a bit to think about and try to find and listen to. I really appreciate the input.Eben. 
Blues "must have, top 100" list?
One of my favorites is Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughn, In Session. 
HarmanKardon, Yamaha or Denon
I own a Denon 2805 and I think it's great in it's price range. I had tried a Sony ES, but quickly returned it for the Denon. I can't really comment on the HK, but I will say the Denon is very nice. It has a very smooth and detailed sound with plen... 
Jolida JD 100. How does it sound?
No, I replaced my Rotel, which had HDCD,and the Jolida still sounds better. I think it's a great sounding CD player. Eben. 
best CD player or DAC under $1000
My vote is for the Jolida JD100. 
Jolida JD 100. How does it sound?
I finally picked up my Jolida JD100. I absolutely love it. Thanks for everyones input. 
Subtlety ? do any American amps do it?
I love my Conrad-Johnson amp. I find it to be very smooth and musical. 
Biwiring question.
Sounds like it will work just fine. 
What's your profession? Age?
I'm 29. I'm a Logistics Facilitator for a large candle company. My 2 channel system is a little over $8k. 
Song intros that really grab you? ?
Here are a few of my choices:Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray VaughnTie your mamma down by QueenI wanna rock by Twisted SisterWalk of life by Dire StraitsEben. 
Do you remember your first cd?
Dire Straits Brothers in Arms. It's in my cd player now. I have tickets to see Mark Knopfler in June.