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Backup music from IPOD to PC or Mac
I have not tried Ipod Liberator 2.0, but i have tried and used Winamp. The current version of winamp allows you to read your Ipod as a fully accessible drive. Just drag and drop in either direction and presto 
Experiences with SlimDevices Squeezebox.
Here is a link to various DAR's (digital audio receivers) on the market:http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/kb13/mp3/http://reviews.cnet.com/Home_audio/4502-6739_7-0.html?tag=dir.dmhI have fooled around with different ones over the years and found very... 
Digital Audio Server
I think that the best way to accomplish this is to set up a remote audio server and spool the audio files to your amp or dac with a digital audio receiver. They range in quality and stability, but one that I have used flawlessly for a couple of ye... 
ipod and dac?
About 2 years ago I decided to go “all digital” and rip my entire CD collection (500 CD’s and counting) to a dedicated file server. At the time I used and continue to use EAC to rip and LAME to compress to 224 VBR MP3’s.I tossed and turned on whet... 
A sexy new amp...Channel Island
uggg, you are right, the kiss of death. It is just that so few designers follow a minimalist design strategy.Perhaps i should have phrased the question as: what is the most minimalist amp / components out there? 
the new Rel Quake
I just bought, and installed a Rel q108 to compliment my Linn Katan’s.Its been quite a ride. I bought the Linns because I felt that they were dynamic and incredibly responsive, with lots of tight energy, so when looking for a sub I needed to find ... 
Favorite all-in-one remote control?
Sorry about the incomprehensible thread above in regards to the iPaq. If anyone wants specifics, i.e. cost, software and / or general how to, I will gladly give it. Drop me an email or post a threadCheersNeil