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McIntosh Revel & JL
The Sound Applications was an improvement over the RSA`s but at more cost. My amps are plugged directly into the wall on their own 20 amp circuit.(I have 4 20 amp dedicated circuits for the audio. My video is separate) The SA has the sources and p... 
McIntosh Revel & JL
Forgot to add, since you have McIntosh, they have a line conditioner added to their line up. It`s called the MPC1500. Check it out. 
power cable factory versus brand name gauges
Get yourself a dedicated 20 amp circuit for your amps and sources with good ac receptacles. The dediacted circuits will make more of a difference than the pc`s at least they did in my system. I use all Mcintosh amps, preamps, sources and McIntosh ... 
McIntosh Revel & JL
I use all Kimber Select in my system and have the Kimber Palladians. Used to have a RSA Duke and Danielle. Sold them and now use Sound Applications. I also have a MC402, C41, C2200 and use the stock power cords from McIntosh. McIntosh recommends t... 
Something fun to listen to...
i love their cd....looking forward to getting the vinyl 
Willie, Mellencamp, and Dylan
you can`t beat these guys. they are classic and timeless. wish i could have been there. 
Has anyone listened to the new Dave Matthews CD?
It`s great. I like it a lot. Good sound on the McIntosh system. 
Golden reference oval 9
Hanalemike,I forgot to add that I too have McIntosh equipment and used the Cardas Golden Reference with great results. 
Who has dumped the power conditioner?
I agree with Rilou. I have much satisfaction with the Sound Appliaction Reference Line Stages. 
Golden reference oval 9
I used the Cardas Golden Reference ic`s, pc`s and speaker cables for years. They are musical, full body sounding cables. The more you use them the better they get. I highly recommend them. The build quality is excellent. Also, if there is any prob... 
Any love for the new Elvis Costello?
I`m a big fan of Elvis. Have seen him 3 times at The Ryman in Nashville Tn. The new cd is great. Looking forward to getting the vinyl. 
Mark Knophler; recommended music??
All of it! 
What speaker cable for Mcintosh + B&W combo???
Cardas Golden Reference, Kimber Kable KS 3033, 3035, 3038 with the Kimber jumpers.....awesome!! 
Bang for Buck Bi-wiried cables...
Kimber 8TC 
break in period for the Mcintosh MVP 861
I`ve been a McIntosh owner for over 30 years and each piece of equipment sounded better after a weeks or so playing time. Some say break in does not matter but to these ears it does. I would put the MVP 861 through all the paces playing all media ...