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Furutech...Cardas Golden Ref.
Thanks Rocoa....I`ve contacted Cardas and having mine reterminated with the Furutech ends. 
Bruce Cockburn: Slice O Life
i`ve seen Bruce twice and he was amazing. I agree his new cd is wonderful and good sounding. 
Toothbrush's featured in Stereophile
next it will be condoms which s like taking a shower with your socks on.......... 
recommend me good power cable , thanks
Cardas Golden Reference 
Which cable has most impact - IC, Spkr., power?
I agree with Nasaman....my experince the power cord`s and ic`s made the most difference. I usually keep my balanced interconnects between the amp and preamp and speaker cables the same. Changing the power cords and ic`s on my sacd/cd player gives ... 
phono pre amp giant killer?
Parasound Z Phono 
Canned Heat Live at the Kaliedescope Lounge
Canned Heat rocks!!.....love those guys.....I`ve been looking for their vinyl....ahrd to find in my neck of the woods. 
Good USED XLR Interconnect Choices for $300-$400?
Cardas Quadlnk , Cross, Golden Cross and Kimber Select copper, Kimber Hero. 
Good USED Speaker Cable Choices for $300-$500 ?
oops! sorry, I misread...thought interconnects....probably not going to see too many Kimber Select speaker cables in this price range but will find the Cardas in this range. 
Good USED Speaker Cable Choices for $300-$500 ?
Kimber Select Copper or Kimber Hero, Cardas Quadlink or Cardas Neutral Reference. 
Best Speakers for LSA Integrated
LSA2`s all the way....great sound and you can upgrade. You will not be disappointed. They are a wolf in sheeps clothing. The Rosewood are beautiful to look at. 
Cardas G R power cable "SOUL" of musician
I agree they are musical and in the right system they can be awesome. 
Any HDMI recommendations?
Kimber has 3 HDMI models. 
thin, very flexible, warm sounding interconnect...
Kimber KS 1011($700) or KS 1016($780) Both are all copper and the KS 1016 is new with more conductors. 
Novice interconnect question.
start with the source.