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Power conditioning
Running Springs Audio Duke and Danielle 
Kimber Silver, Hybrid, or Copper....preference?
I agree with Nick778 it is system dependent. The new copper versions KS 1116, KS 1016 matched with the 3033 gives my system a relaxed, yet musical sound without losing dynamics, or details. My next choice would be the hybrid. The all silver is in ... 
Regular Cardas interconnects for VPI?
should be no problem and sound great. 
anyone else hate locking RCAs?
I`m not too crazy about the locking rca`s either and this coming from a guy who uses Kimber Select. They are a pita if the preamp is crowded and one wants to change a cable or piece of equipment. I much preferred the connectors on the Cardas cable... 
Is cable synergy important?
mixing and matching can have great results but can also be expensive if not careful. one can voice their system by mixing and matching to their liking.i`ve mixed and matched ic`s to voice my system but found having all cables from the same company... 
Steven Wilson Porcupine Tree cd/dvd-Insurgentes
It`s nice. Good sound. 
Any cable suggestions for my Thiel 2.4's?
Kimber Select 
What do you think of LSA Von Schweikert Model 2?
I have the LSA2`s(2 pair )actually. I really like this speaker for the money plus one can upgrade. I don`t know the comparison to the VS but have heard they are similar. I use mine in an all McIntosh system driven with a MC402 and cabled with Kimb... 
Cardas Cab Banana or Furutech FP-202 Banana
I had the Cardas CAB on the amp end of my Golden Reference connecting my McIntosh MC402. Great connection and never had a problem. However, I prefer the WBT 0645 mainly for the screw type tightning. Have never used the Furutech but would like to t... 
David Bromberg -- Any fans?
Love DB! Got all his lp`s and cd`s. His new one is great by the way. I worked in a independent store in Jackson Tn called `Souza Muzik` during college and we played DB all the time. Great stuff.....`Send Me To The `Letric Chair` 
Need advice on McIntosh driving Thiel 2.4's
McIntosh 402, or 501`s. I have heard the 402 with the Thiels and it sounded great. I have owned McIntosh for over 30 years and one of my fav combos is MAC and Thiel.happy listening 
Best $5,000 system for a small apt. in Stockholm
I wanna go...please...to be serious check out Russ Andrews(www.russandrews.com) across the pond. A friend moved to Germany some time ago and uses Russ for everything.happy listening 
Cardas ICs are too warm for Tube amp
I updated/upgraded my system sometime time ago. New McIntosh amps, preamp, digital and speakers. At the time and for a long time I used all Cardas Golden Reference and my experince was too much of a good thing. The system became dark, slow, and un... 
Anybody else love the new Jason Isbell?
Got it Thursday on CD and LP from Grimeys in Nashville Tn...WONDERFUL.... recorded about an hour from where I live. 
Is Diana Krall "Live in Paris" out on vinyl?
Acoustic Sounds has it.