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Richard Gray's Power Company
I`ve had both Running Springs Audio and Richard Gray. I went the Running Springs Danielle and Duke. Wonderful pieces and made a huge difference in my system. For the money they can`t be beat at least in my system. I`ve also used Shunyata and MIT. ... 
man do I miss Tower records and
I agree with you Berzin.....so true.....I do miss Tower. 
best speaker wire for extra long runs
Cardas Neutral Reference is excellent for long runs. 
What interconnects work best with Audio Research?
My neighbor uses Cardas in his AR system. Neutral Reference, Golden Reference are the main ones but also has Golden Presence, Golden Cross. Sweet sounding system. 
patricia barber
just ordered the Cole Porter tribute by Patricia...looking forward to hearing this......heard nothing but great things about this recording..... 
Kimber select speaker cable question
I agree with your comments Raquel. Do you still use Kimber Select and which ones on each source?Also, what are your power cords?Happy Listening 
Kimber select speaker cable question
I love my KS 3033. Great speaker cable for the money I have no reason to change. In my system its wonderful. 
Interconnect from Phono stage to Pre amp
another user of Cardas Golden Reference, Neutral Reference, and Golden Cross....love how these cables make the ol` vinyl and `table sound. 
A good power conditionner with tube amps ?
I don`t have tubes but I highly recommend Running Springs Audio. Non coloring and non current limiting. I use the Duke and Danielle in my system with no problems. 
Anyone have experience with Running Springs Audio
I have the Duke and Danielle in my McIntosh and Marantz Reference system. `They are a wolf in sheeps clothing` as Dan at Dedicated Audio states. Used with dedicated ac circuits and good receptacles my system took own a new life. They are a wonderf... 
What time do you wear?
Rolex Submariner black face, Rolex President(inherited from father) Tag Heuer Chrnograph white face, Tag Heuer Carrera. 
Kimber Select 1136 compared to 1130
I use Kimber Select throught my McIntosh system. I love my KS 1030`s and KS 1021`s. I`ve heard the new 1136 and 1036 and agree with Khrys comments. Wonderful cables but at a considerable amount of more money is my opinion. Just remember it`s all a... 
Which is the most tubelike solid state amp around
McIntosh 402...soild state with tubelike sound. musical and built like a tank. 
man do I miss Tower records and
I miss Tower too and agree with Devilboy. The Tower store here in Nashville Tn is greatly missed and has been replaced by FYE which leaves little to be desired compared to Tower. Borders seems to be reducing stock and the only game in town is a gr... 
Power Cable for McIntosh MC-402
Kimber PK 10 Gold or Kimber Palladian.....both are excellent. I`ve used all Kimber Select in my McIntosh system with great success.