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Dr. Ebbetts Beatles CD's
Seems strange that if these are bootlegs, there would be a website listing the "Dr. Ebbett" releases. That's just tempting fate, in this day & age!!! 
Dr. Ebbetts Beatles CD's
Albertporter, WOW!!!!! Thanks for the info! 
Step down voltage for Japan to US turntable
Rloggie, apologies...I didn't realize that the table you had is from a defunct manufacturer.I have never likes step up or step down x-formers...or "wall-warts" for that matter.Serus has some good advice. Also, I have seen many older tables that gi... 
Step down voltage for Japan to US turntable
Penny-wise and dollar -foolish!!!Use the correct model for your county's voltage & frequency. X-former conversion represents a definite DOWNGRADE in audio performance. Manufacturers are really starting to crack down on "gray market sales", and... 
usb vs toslink?
van den Hul Octocoupler is available in 3 configurations:1) Toslink to Toslink2) Mini to Toslink3) Mini to MiniCkorody, when Toslink first came out, I thought that it was only available in plastic, as opposed to the AT&T Glass cable [not compa... 
Sealed Vinyl
Not to rain on your parade...again...but there are a variety of machines that can shrink-wrap an open album.Also, it's interesting that British LP's were never sealed, and people could actually go into booths to listen to the albums before purchas... 
usb vs toslink?
Toslink now comes in two flavors:1) Plastic2) GlassThe glass is a quantum leap in fidelity improvement over the plastic. van den Hul Octocoupler is probably the best glass Toslink out there! 
New Tube Owner
Sometimes, the pins on the tubes MAY have a slightly loose fit in the tube socket. Trust me, this has happened many times to me...don't worry, unless it happens again. Then I can take you through "the drill"! 
Top 5 recievers of the 70's and 80's ????
Sony STR-5800SD 
What does more power do for Magnepans?
Agree with Narrod...I was using the 1.6's. 
Need Audiophile Headphone Rig to Replace Sen HD590
What is your budget allotted? 
Your First Concert was.....
Be Bop Deluxe...anyone out there who've seen them in concert...especially the LIVE! IN THE AIR AGE tour [1977]? 
cable lifters, how to maximize benefit?
You might want to buy yourself a room humidifier. Reduces both static and dry nasal membranes! 
Your First Concert was.....
Mcrheist, yeah, the Carpenters were "not cool" in 1971. However, I have come to really appreciate Karen's voice, and Richard's arrangements were simply brilliant.Maturity adds to one's wisdom, I guess! Check out the Carpenters " CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT... 
Your First Concert was.....
The Turtles, June 1969, at the Surf, Nantasket Beach [Mass]. Unfortunately, they would shortly break up [screwed by their record company and managers].Later Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan [Flo & Eddie] played with the late & great Frank Zap...