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Why LCD and Plasma? 37
I am still using a high end Laser Disc player, and have a few hundred movies in the LD format.What problems might I encounter when using an HDTV plasma display? 
Why LCD and Plasma? 37
Tvad, I will be in the market for a new plasma. In what way does the 4:3 standard def look like crap? 
What's your favorite remake of a song
Nirvana Unplugged, "The Man Who Sold The World", originally by David Bowie, before his big break-out. 
Give the new Kid Rock a shot.
Didn't Tommy Lee give Kid Rock a shot in Vegas :-) 
DAC connection to PC with USB
Are these .WAV files? My HeadRoom DAC won't play certain formats [ATRAC, MP3] that aren't the standard CD redbook [16/44.1] or DVD [24/96]. 
Magnepan 1.6
The mistake that most people make is UNDERPOWERING the Maggie 1.6's. With 100 wpc [into their 4 ohms impedance, which is more like a resistive load] I was very impressed.After switching to a Spectron 1 [class D] with 500 wpc, the speakers came ali... 
Use of RCA Y Splitters?
Wouldn't you be wiring the 2 amps in parallel, and therefore, be reducing the input impedance of both amps? 
Afro-Cuban Jazz
I Love Poncho Sanchez...saw him twice. Unfortunately, I think that only his older stuff was pressed on vinyl. Newer is CD only...Latin Spirits is great [CD only] 
Flat screens?
My pick [someday] is the LG 50" 780i plasma [1080 is overkill & too costly at this point in time, IMHO].I like the LG because: 1) 60,000 hour life 2) 2 year mfg. warranty 3) currently about $1500- or less. 4) 15,000:1 contrast ratioVery impres... 
most annoying neighbor?
Elizabeth, you said:Remind them that people have died over this issue. And you are buying a gun...I assume that you were joking! A word to the wise..DON'T ACTUALLY DO THIS!!! In many states, this could be construed as a "death threat", which could... 
What's causing the highs to be rolled-off?
One of the things that "breaking in" of any component will do is to reduce the high end glare, brightness, shrillness, or what ever term you prefer. The highs will mellow, and the bass will tighten...but the most noticeable effect is in the treble... 
is there a stereo blue book for value of old gear
What kind of old gear? Transistor receivers from the '70's & '80's won't be worth much, other than a few classic models. Same for most turntables [Duals's & Garrad's]. With speakers, many of the woofers used a foam surround that decomposes... 
Why are LCDs more popular than plasma?
Jmcgrogan2, the top end Sony DLP's [Qualia] use their own mirror chip, while most DLP's use the Texas Instrument chip. Last I read, T.I. was on it's third Gen. chip, which I think is called "the black chip", but I had read this awhile ago.The Sony... 
Source for DVD Downloads
Do the down-loadable movies use a compression scheme? 
converting from 110 to 220
Most homes and newer and decent apartments will have 220V [technically, 120/240V], if they have either an electric dryer, water heater, stove, or individual A/C units. If you live in an apartment, be sure to get the landlord's OK, and be prepared ...