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LG dvd player stops/starts while playing disc
Maybe try cleaning the laser lens? 
What Gauge of Wire...?
My trick was to run 2 sets of speaker wires [zip cord] to each speaker, one set to the + and one set to the - terminal. Separating the 2 wires by a few inches will reduce capacitance and inductance vs. having the signal paths in close proximity in... 
Audioquest cables?
The cable that seems to be a cost to performance winner is the Audience AU24. I haven't tried their speaker cables, but I was quite impressed with their I/C's.I never was a big fan of Audioquest, but beauty is in the EAR of the beholder :-) 
Angriest Lyric/Vocal
Sex Pistols, "BODIES" [about abortion...dripping with angry and vulgarity].Ehaller, you do realise the the female intro narrative [wanna take a bath?!!] to Floyd's "ONE OF MY TURNS" is by Toni Tennille of the Capt. and Tennille? 
Shipping Expensive Speakers? WATCH OUT
If you have home owner's or renter's insurance, check with your agent about a policy to cover damage in transit. There's always Lloyd's of London, but they ain't cheap.Finally, if the party who is shipping doesn't have the ORIGINAL boxes or crates... 
Best stereo recievers of the 1970's?
If we're talking transistors and not tubes, the Luxman was a great name...also Tandberg made a great receiver.I loved my Sony STR 6400-D. The British mags gave it a good review, and this model was tough to find [back-ordered] for several weeks. Bu... 
balanced power
So, if you were able to run 240V equipment in the USA, [changing the outlet receptacle, and running a 240V line to it], would it sound better, since 240V is balanced...isn't it? 
ac cables falling out of IEC inlets on amps
Man, I guess that some Audiophiles are REALLY anal. I am using a very heavy power cord on my tube preamp, which sits on the top shelf. The weight of the cord will pull it out just enough to create a problem with the right channel.The Blutack fix i... 
ac cables falling out of IEC inlets on amps
First, I rolled the Blutack [you will have to kneed real Blutack to make it pliable] into a "rope" about the diameter of a pen, and cut this "rope" to fit around the outside of the power cord plug. I pressed the power cord very firmly into the IEC... 
The Who: DVDs, Video...
Quadrophenia should still be available on DVD widescreen. 
ac cables falling out of IEC inlets on amps
I had the same problem. Use Blutack. DO NOT USE THE GENERIC GARBAGE, OR YOU WILL BE SORRY! 
Anyone heard or purchesed the new EAT tubes?
Yeah, right! $450 for an UNMATCHED pair!!! Buy some NOS tubes from Andy at Vintage Tube Services [doubt he'll have Telefunken 6922's], and save yourself some money!It is impossible for a modern production tube to match the quality control, chemica... 
Wire Pink Flag 180 Gram
Sherbd, are those the lyrics from a song of theirs? Pretty lame...sounds like some schlock from an "arena rock band" of the mid to late 1970's era...can anyone say "Jefferson Starship"? 
PBS's Wired Science "Analog vs. Digital".
On PBS? I'm surprised that they don't debate which creates more "global warming"! 
freq range, 50hz-20khz at + -3db please explain
Duffydawg, there appears to be some confusion in your dB facts.A 3 dB INCREASE is a DOUBLING of ACOUSTIC POWER [dBw or decibel watts]. A 6dB increase would be a quadrupling of dBw. A 9 dB increase would be an 8 fold increase of dBw.Now, if we're t...