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A gallery of funky speakers
I would have included the Avantgarde Trio Classico [curved stand] and the MBL 101 E Radialstrahler. 
Why are LCDs more popular than plasma?
I fell in love with the LG 50" plasma [780p]. Blacks are definitely better than LCD's, it beat the snot out of every other flat panel [LCD & plasma] at Circuit City, 60,000 hours until half-life brightness, and it CARRIES A 2 YEAR MANUFACTURE'... 
Record shops in Minneapolis/St Paul MN
Shoot an email to Ralph at Atma-sphere. 
Canadian Pressings.
I know that your question was about vinyl, but I have several CD's that were Canadian pressed, and sound better than the American CD's. 
Best battery type for Nagra PL-P
I may have a better solution! First, why do you want to replace the stock batteries? Are they actual D-cells [in series...12v] or is it a battery pack? 
Pet audiophile peeves - name yours
Cdc there are some good reasons not to list the original price. If the item was bought several years ago, then the original price may be artificially low [inflation]. Or if an EU product was bought even 2-3 years ago in the US, than the list price... 
Did you see Springsteens latest show???
I used to like Springsteen, until he got caught up with the anti-nuke crowd. Be sure to give him your thanks for the high cost of gasoline, home heating oil, and the acid rain and fly-ash from coal fired power plants. 
dvd vs. sacd
Swampwalker, I thought that all SACD players will play [redbook] CD's...am I mistaken?? 
Pet audiophile peeves - name yours
Remote controls!1) REALLY expensive CD players that come with a cheap plastic remote. Also, remotes should have buttons that are easy to find and use in the dark.2) HDTV remotes that require a computer programmer to operate! Most people will never... 
Ideal Volume level
If grey colored snot starts dripping out of your ears or nose, then your volume level is too high...your brain has just had a meltdown :-) 
the smoothest sounding speaker
Of course, smoothness and resolution at the speaker are also dependent on all of the gear and cables upstream. 
Where were you the day the music died?-Buddy Holly
Albertporter, better than be spotted last weekend while perpetrating an armed robbery of sports memorabilia..."what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"...for a 10-20 prison stretch! 
The Worst Speaker you have ever heard.
Mrtennis, you state: the worst panel speaker is better than the best cone speakerAll depends what ones personal preference is for a sonic signature. Every different speaker design has its strength and weaknesses. 
worst 'long-lived' band
KennytInIn the day she was know for hooking and shooting heroine in the Village.....Hey, I've heard about Debbie's use of drugs [obvious opioid use], and her rather "unabashed" sex life. But I was unaware of her "alleged" hooking. I really hope th... 
worst 'long-lived' band
Mick & "the boys"! Yeah, the Stones had a great 20 year run, but in the early 1980's, they started to become a parody of themselves...today, they are a corporate enterprise which can not be taken seriously, especially at $200- and up for a con...