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Need Recommendations for SS amp for 2 ohm load
Okay a little food for thought. First the Innersound amps are a great way to go and will work quite nicely with the Eros. If memory serves me correct, Coda built the Innersound Amps. So a phone call to them would be in order to get their feedback ... 
Who was the best jazz guitarist ever?
All those you named above were influenced by Charlie Christian and Djando Reinhardt. To throw a few more names into the mix would be Barney Kressel, Herb Ellis, Charlie Byrd and Joe Pass. All of them worth a serious mention, to discover their musi... 
Stan Getz VOYAGE
Digging through my archives of vinyl found I do have a issued of this on Vinyl. Blackhawk label released 1986. No need to get the CD issue, has same tracks as the current CD issue.Great stuff here. Also Lost Sessions is very good as well. 
Stan Getz VOYAGE
Thanks for the kind words. Nope don't have that one and now it is on my list to acquire. Just going through a 4CD set that just came in Shelly Manne and his Men - Live At The Blackhawk 1959. Killer jazz in a live club setting. Use to have all of t... 
Stan Getz VOYAGE
Roxy54 - Amen to your post, total agreement. I have that album as well and for those that do not have it, then it should be on your short list to acquire. 
Stan Getz VOYAGE
Tenor saxophonist Stan Getz found a perfect accompanist in pianist Kenny Barron, who would regularly play in his group for his last five years. This out-of-print Black Hawk LP finds the pair, along with bassist George Mraz and drummer Victor Lewis... 
John Barnes...RIP
That is indeed sad news. Met him several times while I resided in the Denver area. Always a pleasure to meet and greet one of the good guys in the business. He will be sorely missed in the audio community. 
Review: Emotiva USP-1 Preamplifier
Yeah at first the blue halo lights were a little bothersome, wish they had added a dimmer switch to lower the intensity a bit. But now have come to live with it and is not as distracting as before.Many thanks for the kind words. 
Great Jazz Trio - Hank Jones
Thanks for the heads up on his last issue. Have the inner city pressings. 
Review: Emotiva USP-1 Preamplifier
Just pulled out the headphones to try the headphone input. One of the nice features is once the headphone jack is inserted the speakers are automatically disconnected. No having to switch off the amp or use a speaker selector box or switch. That i... 
RCM recommendations
Probably the best RCM was or is the Keith Monks RCM. Library of Congress had four of them at one time. Not sure if they are still around or not. Do remember they were very expensive and big and heavy. Most likely not for home use. 
RCM recommendations
Same thing here a VPI 16.5 - Bullet proof works like a champ. 
My last pre-amp, Rowland Capri or Ayre K5xe ?
Just my nickels worth of advice get a Klyne and be done with the search. Stan Klyne will build it to suit your needs. 
Rotel RC-1580List of Pre-Amps with HT Bypass
Look at the Emotiva USP-1. Could be what your looking for. Just wrote a review of it here on the gon. 
Review: Musical Fidelity A-220 Amplifier
Yes it will work with the A220 very well. Phono section will work well with any MM or high output Moving Coil.