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Power Cable Suggestions
I refused to believe that electricity would care how it was transferred to my amp.  I had my Carver TFM45 rebuilt & upgraded to a removable power cord. I bought PS Audios cheapest power cord & it changed my mind.  Much better sound. 
Am looking for a tech to work on my really old equipment AND
If you do ship it, wrap it up & package it like they are going to throw if off a building, because that's how they treat them.  The next time I ship a piece of equipment it will be in a wooden crate. 
what's your opinion on the magazine 'stereo review'??
I also read Stereo Review in the 70s. I got married & started farming in 1978. The first load of corn I sold that fall went to purchase a new Sansui AU & TU 717.   Stereo Review had highly recommenced them. 
Old Carver
I am pleasantly surprised by the difference. I wish I had my Kappa 8s back. 
Would this room treatment be worthwhile?
When I listen to music in bed the 80" mirror on my headboard caused lots of reflection.  I installed a sound absorbing window blind.  Works great. 
Brave man, McGowan...
I found this power cord on Amazon for $3400 
Carver, THE standard of excellence IMO
Bought my first Carver HR 772 in 1986. I'm still using it in my office.  Next came my TFM 45 & a set of Kappa 8s.  Still have it.  Now in my bedroom I have a TFM 55 on a pair of B&W 803s. Gotta love Carver 
SS Amp Designer by Reputation
The TFM 45 Carver from the 80s is dead quite, very powerful at 375 wpc and inexpensive. Run one through the Carver shop for updates & the sound great. IMHO 
Used vs New vs Vintage vs Floorstanding vs Bookshelf vs ..... OMG!
audiosaurusrexGreat minds think alike.  I am 65 yrs old. I started farming inn 1978. When I sold my first load of corn I too bought an AU 717 & Technics SB 7000s. 
Vintage Carver
I still use a HR-772 I bought new in the mid 80s for my office.  I run a TFM 35 in my bedroom & an upgraded TFM 45 in my living room .