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For all you Bose 901 Haters!
:) ^^^ so sorry @mrdecibel . Being 40 years ago I certainly am unable to be 100% accurate on the name. So, Ampzilla seems to be closer .....and no I was not a fan of the movie . Hmm... I didnt even spell GAS correctly . My memory and my hearing a... 
What made you change to a 6SN7 preamp?
Ralph @atmasphere was my primary reasoning to try the 6SN7. No one is kinder, smarter and with incredible patience.  However, he hasn't been able to talk me into his class D AMPS yet.......   A week or two ago someone posted about removing the P... 
For all you Bose 901 Haters!
thank You @waytoomuchstuff   I needed a very good smile put on my face today  You were kind and on certainly on point  Bose 901 owners probably had more fun with their systems than we had with ours.  And probably still do.  They were cooler than... 
Do we really know what "Live" music sounds like?
@jjss49  My Goodness - I never told you how incredible Chris Potter was. A fantastic show. He was so giving to everyone on stage. An intimate setting in Philly  made for a VERY memorable night.   
Wanting to upgrade my streaming sound quality.
and.... if you purchased the HIFI Rose I am sure it will bring you many excellent years of listening. Waiting to hear your impressions   
Wanting to upgrade my streaming sound quality.
+1 @samsterid    a great choice indeed - especially if you like tubes~ ModWright Instruments | Cambridge CXN V2 Tube Modification   It looks to have all the features the OP wants with an upgraded power supply. Equally someone like Dan to stan... 
Room Acoustics: Where to place the squares?
All written above ^^^^ is good advice, I went with ATS panels - found them on my local CL site. Spending the $$$ without sure of the outcome was questionable for me at first - where to start, so I went used. May not be the best choice if your musi... 
Do we really know what "Live" music sounds like?
I'll find out tonight listening to Chris Potter at the Jazz cafe in Philly     
Devore or Audio Note or other sensitive speakers: wanting to listen in Denver
these are worth a look IMO - I did listen to them ,    Coincident Speaker Technology Super Eclipse Loudspeakers For Sale - US Audio Mart smaller footprint , less weight -     
Devore or Audio Note or other sensitive speakers: wanting to listen in Denver
@hilde45  "Daedalus is very nice --- hard to audition and, of course, quite huge. " The stereo muse is much smaller than the other Daedalus  speakers and for @mesch  they can be had second hand for "reasonable pricing". They just do not come up v... 
Devore or Audio Note or other sensitive speakers: wanting to listen in Denver
As usual - I am late to the party as I am a working stiff during the week and don't read ( get sidetracked) by these forums until Friday or the weekend . Many great comments about speakers on this thread . Especially with a focus on efficient spe... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Sadly Nothing.I went to dinner at San Nicola in Paoli and got home to late to fire up the tubes .However it was a great meal and close friends were all the music I needed.Maybe tomorrow I will make it down to the Capitol Audiofest and meet Dan "Mo... 
Another great gone, this time its Charlie Watts
So sorry to see you leave us Charlie -RIP.  We have enjoyed your long tenure as the keeper of The Stones.Denny Laine's comments about him on his recent IG post was a brief -lovely tribute . .  
Cleaning house ~ Completely unclear on values if any
where are you located? 
Does a Tube Dac make sense?
@jjss49 once again - you nailed it  "you participate on this forum for a while, you realize there are some usernames who are here just to issue blanket dismissals... i suspect they are now pretty much deaf but can still see and can type"always th...