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Manley Chinook or Zesto Andros 1.2
In regards to the two phono stages you mentioned, Zesto is the easy choice.   I own the Andros 1.2 and would never consider changing it out.   If you need a Zesto dealer, definitely message me.  I've been working with one for a while now.   
Amplifier for my new Focal Sopra no2
The focal sopras are always paired with VAC at shows.  Seems to have a great synergy.  VAC makes a couple of integrated amp options.   
Vac 200 IQ vs Ayon orthosII
Compared to all other tube amps, I found the VAC 200 IQ to be the most balanced and have exceptional realism and punch when needed.  It may be that tubes are not your thing - especially if you're looking for a tighter and more pronounced bass, whi... 
Best full range loudspeaker for the used price of 10 to 13,000 dollars
I second the Olympica IIIs.   If you like musicality over analytical/detail, the Olympicas offer a rich musical sound I've yet to see hear in that price range.  Very non fatiguing sound and fantastic with Jazz, classical, acoustic rock, etc.  Wond... 
Where is the significant point of diminishing returns on hi-end turntable?
I can mainly speak from what I own and love: VPI Avenger turntable, Zesto Audio Andros 1.2 phono stage, and thecartridge options are many: Ortofon, Transfiguration, Miayaja, Koetsu, etc.. all are excellent in their own right but vary based on your... 
Marantz TT15S1 Turntable. Any opinions 1500.00 Budget. Recommendations
I have a fantastic VPI dealer I've bought from and ironically is in Oklahoma.  Message me and I'll pass on his info. 
Turntable Recommendation 15K budget Avid Acutus, Brinkmann, Oracle, Nottingham,,
I've worked with a great dealer who sells Oracle and VPI.  He might be a great resource to talk with.  No pressure.  Just message me if you want to connect with him.. Best of luck.   
Soundtracks that you listen all the way through and it's all great.
When Harry Met SallyJerry MaguireSleepless in SeattlePride & Prejudice Glory 
EAR Acute Classic - has anyone heard or tried it
Samhifi,the dealer I work with just go the Dac 4 and is running pcm, hi res, and dsd files through it.  He will be getting the acute 4 cd sacd transport as well.  Let me know if you want his info and he can give you his feedback.  He is a super ni... 
"Good tube Integrated Amps"
Primaluna HP Integrated all the way.   
Turntable Advice
VPI scout Jr. - I've been working with a great VPI dealer if you have interest.  Feel free to message me anytime 
Ortofon Cadenza Red
What's wrong with the red and the 3D arm combo?   
Ortofon Cadenza Red
What's wrong with the arm?  Not following your response, stingreen.