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My first tube integrated: which one to get?
II recommended the Line Magnetic LM-5081A single-ended amp two posts above as some push-pull tube amps recommended by others do not have the tonal quality of single-ended tube amps. Consider that.  
Basic Questions
BTW- the Anthem STR¬†outperforms the Rega products I mentioned. My post is for everyone to read.  
Basic Questions
AV equipment normally does not have the audio quality of a 2 channel stereo system and many AV receivers do not have a phono amp. The Rega Brio R would outperform the best AV receivers and the Rega Elex R is the minimum quality SS amp I would use,... 
For starters, you require an excellent cartridge to clearly hear any record. Lowest grade cartridge I would use is a VM540ML. My current HOMC cartridge plays with $1K+ cartridges. I could buy better but am satisfied.  
Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
I do not tell everyone the cost of my equipment, just what equipment I own. Most sites have an info page to list your equipment so you know what level the audiophile has equipment wise, Audiogon does not.  
Why is it necessary to have gear on the same phase from electrical panel?
Phase difference only applies in 3 phase circuits, houses are single phase. If you are stating one outlet is on other hot side (240 volts across both hot wires) vs both on one side (120 volts across to ground), it would not make any difference as ... 
When someone tells you it's a $40,000 amp, does it sound better?
For some audiophiles the Placebo effect cannot be controlled and will make an amp sound better if it is expected to sound better. Cable manufactures are very dependent upon the Placebo effect due to besides too high capacitance for some cartridges... 
Question About Capacitor Upgrade in Tube Amp
A simple answer. Yes, the small cap across the large el4ctrolytic cap reduces high frequency noise.  
whats wrong with audiogon?
You are correct, Audiogon server is old and it takes about 10 seconds delay on anything. Open a file, 10 seconds. Schroll down another 10 second delay. Do not expect Audiogon to update their server anytime soon.  
Advice on equipment
With 30 watts per channel from the Fisher and assume your other receivers produce at least 30 watts it would be over 90dB sound pressure at 3 meters with 87dB sensitive speakers. That is loud. I am not fond of Klipsch unless they are Cornwall or K... 
Just how many options does 1 need in a 2 way bookshelf design?
If I understand the posters question three way are not necessarily better than two way speakers. However, IMO three way multiple speakers in a tower likely have greater dynamics for a live sound in a high quality speakers vs a bookshelf two way sp... 
Bob Carver tube amps
In the Bob Carver I stated output transformers, but all traqnsformers are in question The power transformer is rated at 180ma and 265 volts into a voltage doubler so less than 90ma is available per calculations on a power supply simulator. And the... 
Revel Salon 2 speakers
I have small Revel Performa M22 and I have not heard a better midrange. The tweeters are not best, so I change them out for Morel CAT328. Few tweeters can replace the M22 original as they are 8 ohms and most tweeters are 6 or 4 ohms. The Morel are... 
Powered speakers show audiophiles are confused
Well, if you like tube amps, active speakers will not work. Some are already saying active speakers will outperform anything and if you do not agree you are 10 years behind the times..¬†  
What selections do you play when showing off your system to others?
I play AL B, Sure Nite and Day. Very dynamic sounding record.