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JAN / Phillips 5814A / 12AU7 Tube
CBS or CBS/Hytron 5814 or 12AU7 are best per my ears. 
Good Sounding Vintage SS Receiver or Amps
I guess even Lloyds was making good money back then. 
Ever Bought an Audio Product that was Stupid Good for the Money?
A Garrard 401 turntable. No jitter in the slightest and as musical a turntable I ever heard. It is a fluke. 
Why do many discussions about sonic performance disintegrate into technical discusions?
'Disagreement and argument accomplishes nothing?' Audio sonics is very subjective. What sounds great for one many not for another. So, read the suggestions and experiment.  
20 Year Old Amplifiers compared to 2017
The newer Class D amps are superior to most vintage amps & receivers. Regarding vintage solid-state amps & receivers, the 1960s and many 1970s used all discrete components. The receivers & amplifiers around 1975 and later started using... 
Looking for not too expensive Turntable
Budget is $250 for this secondary system. My main system has a $1500 Garrard 401 in custom plinth with 12" tone arm. 
DIY tube amps
Get a Scott LK-150. Upgrade the coupling capacitors & rebuild the power supplies. Great sound, power no problem. 
Coupling caps
Although late to reply on this older post. Frankly, I never heard better capacitors than the Russian K40Y-9. It is the most musical capacitor I ever heard. Needs 50 hours to start sounding right & first 10 hours is not so good at all. 
Tube match problems
You could measure the operating temperature of the tubes. Just install tubes with the closest temperatures in pairs. I know this sounds crazy, but I got matches that sounded better this way from a lot of 24 NOS tubes. Hand held thermometers with d... 
Sansui 9900z in my sights.......
I heard a Sansui G-9090 and owned a G-6000. But just about any reasonable design tube amp will outperform it. But, I am listening to a Yamaha CR-220 right now! So.......... 
How much difference between new/refurbished amps and amps that need more than a tuneup?
New vs old. I have not bought real high-end tube audio gear, but from what I see all the gear new & old uses the wrong components. So, I simply buy vintage and modify/upgrade with best parts & tubes. And, it makes a real difference. 
Why do many discussions about sonic performance disintegrate into technical discusions?
you know 20 years ago few argued. It seem now-a-days everyone argues. It is in Washington DC, on ham radio sites, Audio Asylum is very bad & other places now. One can speak about this or that from a technical stand-point, but please stop disag... 
Tube or Trasistor
Solid-state cannot compete with tubes. Even a table radio with a 4" speaker & tubes sounds better than transistor radios. A 4" speaker only produces voices, but the voices sound real with tubes. I can hear the difference in another room. Most ... 
20 Year Old Amplifiers compared to 2017
Vintage SS amplifiers sound like, well vintage amps. Various vintage SS amps produce a state of being clear to somewhat muddy sounding. But I have not heard a SS amplifier that can compete with the open, fast & clear plus realistic soundstage ...