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Need recommendations for a streamer
I love the optical isolation from Sonore but I use Roon. Not sure but I think it can do streaming w/o roon. You might need computer then.  Innuos would be nice choice. Hear their app is very good. Ephoney is good too. Not sure of the spelling there   
DSP vs. active analog crossover vs. passive analog crossover. What is your take?
I use both an external xover and DSP.  DSP to tame bass that no xover can fix. The xover is to integrate sub better and let me use for movies too.  That being said DSP happens in Roon using focus fidelity software and convolution filter in roon.  ... 
Looking for a preamp with XLR connections
I use the PS Audio BHK. It does use tubes but it’s a hybrid. Pass labs and Luxman would be on my list as well and plus 1 more to ignore ASR.   
Are There Roon Ready I2S Streamers?
I have the Sonore Signature SE and tried using the Matrix DDC to I2S and really did not notice the big change others have.  The Sonore is super sounding.  That being said I think I will try the PS Audio AirLens when it comes out in the next few mo... 
PS Audio BHK 600
That is a good point @mulveling .  This is a whole other tier of companies and level of quality.  I have a bunch of pieces of PS Audio and love them.  I think they are great for the price and support is fantastic.  Powerplants are a bit expensive ... 
Are There Roon Ready I2S Streamers?
PSAudio who is the company pushing I2S is coming out w streamer only I2S output. About 2K.   
Subwoofers and Crossovers.
(m-db) by ruin I meant they went through a patch and lost their edge and in my option just not the same product quality.    
Subwoofers and Crossovers.
I owned the predecessor to the 4000SB, not even close to musically as good as the Servo technology in a Rythymic. Its also listed on SVS for 1899 right now. Never owned a JL, have heard wonderful things about them. They compare closer to a REL. SV... 
Subwoofers and Crossovers.
I use the CR-1 along with Roon DSP and it work amazingly.  The blend of my Rythmik G25HP blends perfectly and then add DSP is prefer to. Add in my room is dual room so HT pass through on the CR-1 works like a champ too.   
A warm natural sounding preamp
Tubes will give that sound u r looking for. But if that is too much try hybrids like the PSAudio. It’s in budget with a phono pre as it does not have that built in.   
2 channel DSP?
You absolutely can use the miniDSP toolset with REW. I have roon so I went with that as hardware to implement the DSP. I also bought Focus Fidelity as the tool with a UMIK mic. It was much easier than REW which can be a daunting software. It’s sup... 
SVS sub owners, Past and Present
I had an SB ultra13 for 5 years and I thought the world of it. Even had tuned for music. But when I put in a Servo Based (like had 20 years ago with my F15R velodyne) Rythmik G25HP and that was then end of that.  The theory of just move more air w... 
Why is used audio equipment so undesirable?
I have been buying used since what I guess I would say is upped my game.  I cannot afford this level of a system without buying used. So far so good.   
Bascom H. King Passed
A true legend. Love my PS Audio BHK set.    
What does a subwoofer solve?
I will say adding a sub done RIGHT makes a huge improvement in not just rap.  Getting to mix right is no easy.  I ended up with the JL Audio CR-1.  Not cheap.  But since the intro digital music a good external cross over is getting hard to find.  ...