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What process did you use to integrate multiple subwoofers for 2 channel listening?
MiniDSP makes a unit that integrates up to 4 subs.  Look on YouTube for the lengthy but detailed instructions.  Mostly for Home theater but concept is the same.  
Mega dollar systems. 200k on up. What are their professions?
Why do people care so much of what people spend on this hobby.  I work a normal job make a decent salary.  Wife does not work.  I was not given any money, put 3 kids through college.  I spend a good amount on my stuff over the years.  Not as much ... 
Home Theater Bypass , why am I hearing this now.
Wow when I first step seeing some of these responses I was lasting to myself this is what others talk about when they lol audiophiles snobs. Glad to see there are others feel the same as me. I know my setup is good but not as good many on this boa... 
Home Theater Bypass , why am I hearing this now.
I just went through this. But I had processor and amps.  I added streaming DAC and Parasound p7 which has pass through. I get a big improvement for two channel listening. Well worth it. In your case go with integrated amp that is Roon comparable a... 
2.1 tube pre with ht bypass?
This thread has been dormant a while.  Figured I would see whats new in the past few years.  McIntosh would be great but probably out of my price range.  I want a Tube Pre, with HT Bypass. Prefer to have at least one XLR input (and output obviousl... 
Is this an right time to buy hifi?
Shortage of components cause shortages not corner cutting.  Shortage of people could cause cost cutting. For the most part the world missed 3-6 months of manufacturing. EVERYTHING is short not. Leading to supply chain issues everywhere. Waiting fo... 
I bought from Apos who gets from China.  They worked fine and great communication. Find a good dealer here and use them. They were a week late and gave me $50 off.  
Focal factory tour
I watched that last month after I decided to buy Sopras.  Great video.  You get to see the whole process.  amazing.  Would love to get in that room for demo of the Grands.. 
2 Channel via high end DAC vs room correction in Processor
I am looking at the matrix mini Pro 3 as DAC / Pre amp and wire straight to amp..can swap cables when to HT.  
For those that use an external DAC with node 2i
Just curious if any of you who found better results with external DACs were using digital input to a high end pro/pre?   Or are these DACs just that much better than most preamps? 
Harbeth Super HL5+ vs. Focal Kanta No.2
I would love to hear update too from gerryn 
Von Schweikert speakers
I have the VR4 Gen III HSE and love them. Bought new 2003. Was thinking about selling but started to do critical listening and may keep them even though older tech. They just have such a great sound. Would have to spend way more now to beat.