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Got my Berlin Mini's today
Djanggo - exactly +1 
Amp Recommendation
+1 Lyngdorf TDAi-2200 integratedmy favorite integrated of many i've tried in the same price range. 
Top monitors 3K - 6K range
Lipinski 505s and 707s +1. 
Recommendations for 5k upgrade
I've owned a DSPeaker unit, and as Roscoeiii notes it is an inexpensive, and for many effective way to help tame bass problems below the Schroeder frequency in your room (approx. 200 hz in many rooms). The DEQX unit is functionally quite different... 
Recommendations for 5k upgrade
You might consider a DEQX unit, which offers speaker correction (frequency, group delay, phase), room correction, and sub integration with electronic crossovers of a wide variety. Mine has been my favorite upgrade in many years; a friend purchased... 
12' x 14' room; $10k budget for speakers; help
Lipinski L707's +1 
Selling on Agon question
I believe you are also safe if the buyer sends payment via Paypal as a personal payment, for which there are no fees within the US and half a percent for international payments.For shipping, Fedex now quotes prices including customs brokerage fees... 
Which Integrated amps should I audition?
I've owned a number of nice integrated amps over the years (Ayre, Joule, Rogue....) and each had a number of nice attributes. In the end, my favorite was the Lyngdorf TDAI 2200, with or without room perfect room correction. I recently sold one of ... 
Waiting for Paypal
My understanding: often, not always, there is a difference between when funds become "available" and when you are not liable for returned checks. Payee banks must return out of state checks within 4-5 days of presentation, after which your bank wi... 
Waiting for Paypal
Many financial institutions, including mine, have been burned by fake Postal money orders and put an inordinantly long hold on them. Basically if the MO comes back as fake after presented to the counter party, which can be weeks later, you are on ... 
Ayre AX-7e vs. Belles Reference 150A
I owned both the Belles Reference 150A paired with a Placette RVC and the Ayre AX7e, driving either Merlin VSMMe's or Lipinski L707's. Overall, I'd say they are more similar than not in what I thought their strengths, transparency, timbre, and dyn... 
Room Correction/Crossover
I own the Lyngdorf TDAI 2200 and can confirm that at least some of the Lyngdorf products allow users to choose among many crossover types and to choose the specific crossover frequency. I'm not sure though which of their several products have this... 
Best Online Music Retailers
Any particular favorites for purchasing and downloading lossless wav or flac files of popular artists? Most of the sites I've found offering lossless have a limited selection of fairly obscure, though sometimes good, artists. Thanks. 
Just when I thought digital could not match analog
In fairness, the OP has been a member since at least '08 since he has feedback dating back that far. Could still be a sales pitch, but it's not as clear as if he had just signed up this month. 
Tight accurate midfield monitor pair suggestions
Second on the Lipinski's. Stereophile has a review of the 707's on line, most of which applies to the 505's as well.