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best rock voices
Rob Halford. 
Worst Name for A Piece of Equipment
Especially when it sounds like BMW.I much prefer Bowers and Wilkins. 
What Speakers Do Audio Insiders Own?
I don't mean to hi-jack this thread, but I have always wondered if any media famous (or otherwise ) people are audiophiles, and if so, what type of gear they own.Is Johnny Depp an audiophile? Does Nicole Kidman prefer s.s. or tubes? (Nicole, if yo... 
Import from Mexico
Heed my advice!You should call the manufacturer of said piece of equipment and have them send you a document stating the country of origin. A fax will even do. This should be done without any charge or hesitation from the manufacturer. All manufac... 
Most Honest Audio Magazine?
UHF is my favorite. I like the panel discussions by all three reviewers and they use the same two reference systems always, so they are all hearing the same equipment. 
What exactly does "Hospital Grade" mean?
Mapleleafs3 and Jea48It should be noted that a loose electrical contact can and will heat up. This is where the fire hazard exists. The extra resistance will create hotter temperatures. They will also spark.So, no loose contacts so that sensitive ... 
Worst Name for A Piece of Equipment
Bag End.... 
No nonsense Power Strip
I've just finished making my own power bar. I used 15 ft. of 10/3 thick shielded cable, 1 Hubbel male plug, along with 2 good quality receptacles (15/20 Amp) and of course the receptacle housing. It took about 20 minutes to make, total cost about ... 
is it sacrilege?
Uh, what's next? I think it's kind of like an animal marking it's territory. Once it has peed somewhere, it will pee everywhere. You might come home to find candles and such on your pre amp, or a plant on your c.d. player.I have a theory: if fate ... 
The Smiths. The Stone Roses. James.
Wait! There's more!What about Starsailor, Travis, The Music, Charlattans U.K.?I really love the sound of this type of rock. 
O.K.Please don't judge me too severely.I will always return with beer no matter where I go. The pub/beer and wine store is on the way to all shopping.And as alot- actually, all of my friends are at some point or another in the pub, it would be rud... 
Noob question - Stereophile "Class" rating
Paris Hilton. I believe she should have been called Sarajevo Motel....or something to that effect. 
The song you just cant stop playing???
"Ring the Bells" by James, from their c.d. "Seven."I love this song for it's music and lyrics. If I ever play it, I know it will be near my c.d. player for days.Sample of lyrics...When you let me fallGrew my own wingsNow I'm as tall as the skyWhen... 
How do they do it????????????
My wife works for DHL here in Vancouver B.C., Canada. She deals with Customs Agents every single day, as part of her job description. According to her, Canada Customs are stiffer than U.S. Customs and not necessarily as in regulations, but the off... 
Hall of Fame: BIGGEST BADDEST Monster Amps
Gryphon. In this case big is beautiful.