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MC901 monoblock tube matching Q
Holy smokes! Those should be able to crack the foundation! Are you willing to describe the rest of your system to us who have naught to listen to but an AM transistor radio? What speakers? Preamp?  
“Class D is about the needs for addressing increasing demand on our collective electrical supply. Not just quantity but, quality(s) and reliability, too.” LED lighting has had a massive impact on power consumption in the USA. I recall seeing a gr... 
McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
Well. That was fun.  
Audio nonsense
The next big wave in upgrades for us audiophiles?  Hint: what transmits sound from speaker to ear? after several cases of beer and lengthy discussions with myself, I’ve hit on the perfect air blend that will transmit sound wave with far less dis... 
Music that swings
We’ll be swinging into the wee hours with all of this. Thanks!  
Power regeneration - good idea? PS audio?
“An amplifier would have to be deficient, defective, or broken for this claim and  assertion to be accurate.” Sagging voltage can reduce peak power output from an amplifier. I’ve also  encounterd distribution networks that are so stiff that they ... 
Roon Power Supply
Just buy a good CD player and wait a few years until streaming is better sorted. Use a simple stream for tidal to find new music. Too many nits to pic in the streaming genre. 
Network Transport vs. CD Transport
Letch,me too. My wife and I play albums and cd’s while sitting on our couch. We like looking at the covers and album notes, we find it very relaxing, and we connect. Streaming is good for background music so I’ll want to keep it as an option. 
Are Speakers Like Cask-Conditioned Beer?
Beer will get you through a time of no speakers, better than speakers will get you through a time of no beer.Credit the FFFB 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Last night was Riverside’s Love, Fear and the Time Machine, also Porcupine Tree’s Fear of a Blank Planet. Nearly forgot, also listened to side 1 of Aja.Then it it was up to our HT room to bing watch a few episodes of Bosch. 
Network Transport vs. CD Transport
Thanks Lalitk, we’ll be looking for a replacement for our Supernova in the not too distant future. I would prefer to have a separate CD transport, and a DAC with streaming capabilities. Perfection would be a CD/SACD transport.all the best. 
Network Transport vs. CD Transport
Decathlon,i stream from my Moon Mind to my Moon Supernova CD player’s digital input, so whether streaming or playing a CD, the DAC is the same. Source material for streaming is either my laptop (ripped cds) via Ethernet connection, or tidal via Et... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
I don't listen to much classical, but will try some of the suggestions posted hear.I can suggest Beethoven’s 9th by the Minnesota orchestra Copland Appalachian Spring blue danube. Okay it’s a waltz, but still. 
CD Treatment
Kozka, thanks for the morning chuckle. 
CD Treatment
Thanks guys, I’ll check that’s it’s level and try a green sharpie. If I were to treat myself before every listening session my liver would soon disappear, so I guess it’s just sit back and enjoy.