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Berkeley Audio Design and MQA?
Naughty naughty.  
A phono preamp with equalization selector
Infinitely adjustable on a Parks Puffin    
Triode Wire Labs Spirit II XLRs and DH Labs Revelation XLRs: a comparison
I believe you. There is usually very little difference in SQ between ANY cables. Form factor is often more important.  
Volume levels
Gain only variable by 6dB.  
Volume levels
A cursory glance at analogplanet’s .pdf seems to ignore surface noise. What are the best examples (stats) of this floor per dollar spent for repro (TT +) equipment? 25+ years makes it somewhat irrelevant as far as format comparisons.  
Volume levels
Typically, digital sources have higher output gain than that of a TT/phonostage. So when wired to a preamp, the TT’s lower gain means you need to turn the volume control higher than digital sources. Not if you can balance levels. I can do it in... 
AARP article on streaming hirez audio
United Healthcare. Not a fan.  
"Happy To Be Stuck With You!!!"
Money not tight here. Just can’t do the r & r thing any more. Happy with current repo equipment. Always working to refine the music track collection.  
Old phones as streaming sources
Better off using an old smart phone for a dedicated wireless control of a designed "streamer.' It just needs to be on the same network.  
Power cords different lengths.
Nothing to loose here. 100K reasons.  
Confused with size of speaker to get when placed along long wall in large room
Placing your record on a spinning turntable.
Why oh why?  
Old phones as streaming sources
A Pi has to add on other purposes and is not built specifically to be a stinkin’ phone AND a camera+. I power mine with a filtered iPower Elite. You are free to show actual stats that it is inferior to a battery. Saying it does not make it so. Th... 
Old phones as streaming sources
I stream Qobuz from my phone temporarily just to make playlists since there is no "Connect" function. The SQ blows. You can not get decent sound without a "single purpose" built device. A simple Raspberry Pi blows your contraption away.  
MoFi Studiodeck
The VM750SH gives you even more.