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Bose 901's in an acoustically treated room?
@jonwolfpell, i'm just saying this was advertised back then!!   
Bose 901's in an acoustically treated room?
back in the 70's, the 901's were advertised as 'cadillac quality in a volkswagon space!!   
Bose 901's in an acoustically treated room?
i have 4 bose 901 seies 2 hanging from my ceiling! i have a mcintosh mc602 powering them. i'm not an audiofile but to me they sound dam good at a high listening level!!  
Tuner choice
where does the old 'seqquera tuner' from the 70's compare to tuners today???  
On or off
i have a mx132 that i leave on 'standby' with the red light on. i also have a mc602 in the remote position with it's red light on also. would this be considered they are 'on'??    
klipshorn speakers
my son likes mcintosh! but will the sound be better with a mc602 is what i'm asking!   
Too Much Power
i have a mcintosh mc602 amp with 600 watts per chanell at 2 ,4 and8 ohms!! where doe's my amp stand???  
Fed rate increase = lower hifi prices?
the rate increase has nothing to do with audio equipment! mostly on buying homes!! dud!!!  
What does a subwoofer solve?
do you need a subwoofer ifd your source does'nt have the lows that a subwoofer would produce??  
Panasonic Plasma
back in 1993, a 42 inch plasma cost 10k! in 2007 my 50 inch panasonic cost 1.2k!! i've allways had direct tv but not the 'hd' box! the picture was ok untill i recently upgraded to the 'hd' box! man, what a difference! allmost like 'oled'!!!  
Panasonic Plasma
i have a panasonic 50 inch plasma moniter that i bought back in 2006 or 2007! i don't know the model number but it's still kicking ass!!  
SS with meters
you can allways buy a used mcintosh amp!!  
@middlemass, there are only 2 mcintosh dealers where i live. the other one is twice as fer from the place i'm talking abot! well, it's only a buld out! no big thing!!  
Interesting comment on Bose Speakers.....
bose, no highs no lows!! did it matter back when the 901's came out in 1968????  
Disappointing On Mcintosh......help
@raysmtb1, the wording is in green and the meters are blue! looks good to me!!