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bose 901 active equalizer
@arcticdeth, i'm on a fixed income so i can't buy new speakers! as far as my 901's are ancient the only good stuff i have is a mcintosh mx132 pre-amp tuner and a mcintosh mc602 power amp! with 600 watts per chanell, i like the sound those old spea... 
i called george meyers a few months ago on what it would cost to overhaul a marantz 4300 quad reciever. i was told between 800 to 1200 dollars. i called solutions and was quoted around 300 dollars!  
@holmz, george meyer is too expensive! check out 'solutions' on sunset a few blocks east or vermount! their number is 3236664161!~  
full range single speaker
the bose 901 speakers have 9 full range speakers. where do they stand? 
Why so much love for Mcintosh?
i have a mc602! i like the blue meters! i once read 'proud of ownership' owning a mcintosh! 
How much does power amplifier really matter comparing to other hi-fi components?
i read back many years ago in a stereo review magazine that you should buy the most watts that you can afford! 
Just Curious - About using a AV Receiver as main unit
i only listen to 2 chanell stereo. i bought a mcintosh mx132 as a pre-amp tuner to mathch my mc602 power amp. is this a good choice??? 
McIntosh- Sweetest, Smoothest sounding Solid State ?
@jjss49,you should write a book! LOL! 
klipshorn speakers
my son doe's not care about accuracy of a speaker! he just want's to hear his music 'loud'!!!!! 
klipshorn speakers
my son has a mcintosh mc7300! he just likes his music loud. if the recording does'nt have bass, can he just adjust the bass on his pre-amp?? 
Build a wooden crate or use a cardboard box for Amplifier.
if these 2 amps weigh alot, i would build a wooden crate. for insulation i would use that dense foam that is usaully in couch coushions. 
Do I NEVER shut it off…?
i have a mcintosh mx132 in standby mode and my mc602 in the remote mode. is this the same as 'not turning it off'?? 
Old Amps that can still Kick Butt
are you sure your 501's are 18 years old? 
het part 2
@ebm, your answer is not complete. only reason why i ask about this is because of the dust that falls on my units. what do you suggest i do??? 
i have my mx132 on standby. the red light is on. i have my mc602 on remote with it's red light on. can i cover the vents and heatsink when i don't use my system?