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phase linear 500 watt per chanell amp
@roxy544 and fuzztone2,i just noticed the 'racist' remark that fuzztone made to me! chinese talk like that! i'm japanese and we don't talk like that! you can say that we all look alike but your comment shows how low down you are! that's ok! there ... 
Bose 1801
this amp is from the 70's! take it to a repair shop! where do you live?? 
can any stereo receiver be turned to mono?
i'm an older guy who remembers that all recievers from the 70's had a mono/ stereo switch!! 
thoughts on the bose 501 speakers
@ozzy621,477, i don't know too much about stereo units. in my lifetime, i've had a marantz 4300 quad reciever and my bose 901 seies 2 speakers that i bought back in the early 70's. today i still have the bose but with a mcintosh mx132 and mc602 amp!! 
even if you play your stereo at low listening levels is it still bad to have covers on your units?? 
Is anyone able to compare headphone surround sound to home theatre surround sound?
@mahler 123, i ask the same question.the only surround sound head phones i can think of is the old school quad head phones with 2 speakers on each ear piece! 
phase linear 500 watt per chanell amp
i had a phase linear 400 back in the days. it was the most watts for the money! that's all!! 
Has Anyone Ever Run TWO Identical Pairs of Speakers ?
i still have my 4 bose 901 series 2  set up as the old 'super bose' system powered by my mcintosh mc602 power amp! 
phase linear 500 watt per chanell amp
@roxy54,my son had one also. he bought his from audio classics back in 2011 or so. he paid 7k for it. he sold his for 4.5 k! 
phase linear 500 watt per chanell amp
@roxy54, yes, i still have my mc602! one meter light went out but it's too heavy to take it to the shop to have a bulb replaced! LOL! 
Samsung flat screen TV’s
i have a panasonic plasma 50 inch tv produced in 2006. still kicking butt!! 
thoughts on the bose 501 speakers
@deadhead1000, i had the pioneer direct drive turntable pl-51 with the at15s shibata stylus to play the cd-4 records! 
Samsung flat screen TV’s
where's panasonic?? i have a 2006 panasonic plasma that's still kicking ass today! 
Heat from amps?
i would think that any well designed amp would'nt have a heat issue!! 
4 amplifiers to drive 1 pair of speakers?
why would anyone want to use 4 amplifiers to power a pair of speakers?? awhile back i did have 2 amps powering 1 pair of speakers. 1 amp powered the low end and the other amp powered the high end!