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Whats on your turntable tonight?
Santana Abraxas (ARS Joerg Kessler, Columbia - 32032, KC 30130) just arrived from Discogs. This was from Audiophile Record Service, mastered from original tapes, released in 1997 I think. It is supposed to be an excellent sounding pressing, and I’... 
Parasound Halo Integrated Buzz/Hum
I also have a Halo Int, I've had it for a few weeks.  It does not have any hum, and is dead silent.  I do have it plugged into a Furman power conditioner though. 
Current NAD integrated amps, what are your impressions?
I’m running a Nad C388 I got here on Audiogon refurb’d from Spearit. Purchased it about 7-8 months or so ago. I’ve had zero problems with it so far and am quite happy. Neutral (but not "clinical") overall sound, but with ample low end. I’m driving...