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Speaker Cable Feet: Suggestions?
I expect the electric field extends higher than a few inches from carpet (inverse square law), so a thingamabob only a few inches high might not be ideal, depending on strength of the field to begin with. Mapleshade's 8" high dealie makes sense; a... 
Great Spooky &/or Melancholic Soundtrack/Classical
2 "melancholy" soundtracks: Things Change & Once Upon a Time in America 
Are you going to buy the Rolling Stones SACDs?
they are hybrids, right? if so, I will buy some... 
Have I finally lost my mind?
Consider how the color of the CD label might effect the sound... 
Stones on SACD - Tempting?
The (digital) ones to beat IMHO are the Virgin Records reissues of Stones material, not all but lot of good ones. If SACD can beat those, they've got something! 
Who Shot the Deputy?
We know someone killed the deputy from the second stanza:All around in my hometownThey're tryin' to track me down, yeahThey say they want to bring me in guiltyFor the killing of a deputy, for the life of a deputyBut I say, oh, now, now... 
Who Shot the Deputy?
Sheriff John Brown 
Can someone recommend a few Joni Michell albums?
For the Roses, Hejira and, of course, Blue. 
Anyone tried Kharma cable,suppose to be the best ?
I heard the expensive Kharma speaker cables a few times with big Lamm amps and Lamm pre driving Kharma Ceramiques - very open, dynamic & detailed sound. 
Studio Acoustic Tiles/Panels for listening room?
Found even a little sonex or acoustic tile does something bad to the sound, maybe changes the phase, who knows... 
What's your favorite album cover art ?
Beatles White album 
Top This
You Can't Always Get What You Want" - The Rolling Stones 
Qualitative test of Auric Illuminator
I also used to use AI for several years which was the best product of its type (non-abrasive enhancer) until someone mentioned I should try CD Clarity (out of Portland O.) which I found better still. Recently I broke down and bought some Vivid fro...