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How Long Is Too Long?
I took my vintage Sansui receiver to a long time shop here in KC.  Previous repair work was done in a reasonable time frame.  After 5 months I visited and was told he’d move me forward in the line.  At 9 months I visited again, and asked for the e... 
Hearing Aids in 2023 .. Questions
I’ll second the Phillips from Costco.  I’m very pleased with the music option.  This was my first pair, and it took a few months for my brain to recognize frequencies it had missed for years.  But you have to leave them in all day, everyday for th... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Harvest Moon ,, blue grass performed by Comatose Brothers on a YouTube video.  Audio is great, and will make you sigh.  Or tear up.   
40khz vs 120khz or 40 plus 120khz US cleaning?
@antinn  Provided wall wart for motor only shows input voltage/amps.  Box for motor states DC motor, so I’ll go with that.   Hey great I feel good about this.  There’s no heat provided with this unit so I can at least slow it down.  Thanks for EV... 
40khz vs 120khz or 40 plus 120khz US cleaning?
@antinn    I’m running an Isonic, and feel it would do a better job running at a slower turn. I looked at the power supply you recommended and I worry about damaging the stock AC motor on the unit.  Not a tech person, so….. otherwise I’m happy wi... 
Some famous reviewers have atrocious listening rooms!
And sometimes “the room” is just voodoo.  Long living room and dining room,,38x16,,divided only by brick fireplace that’s centered, with peaked ceiling at 16 feet,,open on both sides of fireplace.  Last week I’m working on placing tongue and groov... 
Name 3 songs where audio quality and song quality completely align
The more I’m thinking, the longer the list gets. Remembering Art Dudley,,  bad sounding bad music vs good sounding bad music vs bad sounding good music vs good sounding good music.    
Name 3 songs where audio quality and song quality completely align
All Bill Evans vinyl, especially ECM,  sound wonderful   
Temperature of water for ultrasonic RCM
I’m using an Isonic without heater, and I’m trying to figure out a way to introduce a little heat to the process.  I used it 5 hours yesterday, and the water was as cold when I finished as when I started.  When I dropped down to 4 records per cycl... 
If there was only ONE album/cd/release you can listen to, over and over.............
Blues and Ballads—-Brad Mehldau Trio  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
John Fahey.     America     With coffee and feet up  
KT 150 failure
Jerry, off topic, but always like to ask folks what differences they heard between those tubes.  Accepting different amps, rooms etc.  I still like to hear people’s opinions.  I always suspect that differences are there but not earthshaking.  In t... 
KT 150 failure
Yup. Almost went with HP, but being retired, the cost of 8 tubes steered me to the Dialogue Premium.  Happy Happy.  This amp is on, a good portion of every day.  Tubes are the “cost of doing business”  
KT 150 failure
I bought these in March from an outlet in Canada.  About the time that tubes were getting scarce.  I really just wanted some new 66’s or maybe to try some kt88’s.  All I could locate at that time were the 150’s.  Gave me a good excuse to move fart... 
KT 150 failure
Assumed it was finished, but you’ve answered my question.  Thanks.  Previous failed tubes were never this subdued.