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How do I replace an outlet?
Watch out if your house has aluminum wiring. You need special connectors for this stuff, and it may not be compatible with your outlets.Failure to properly address aluminum wiring will cause a fire hazard. Improperly done joints will oxidize and a... 
Mail Boxes Etc. now to be called the UPS Store
I just encountered the new UPS business model today. I went to ship a DAC I just sold at my local UPS depot counter. I haven't been there since the purchase of Mailboxes Etc. What I found was one clerk serving a room full of customers, where forme... 
Guitar Amps versus Monoblocs?
The Mesa Baron is the hifi amp that's closest in design to a guitar amp (consider the manufacturer!) in my opinion. I can't imagine any pure guitar amp that I know of doing well at hifi, though. 
Guitar Amps versus Monoblocs?
To add to Piezo's great response - Guitar amps and speakers are intended to color the sound of the guitar, and the best are prized for their ability to do so. Hi fi gear, at least in principle, is inteneded to avoid coloration. Also, guitar amps w... 
JM Labs Beryllium
I too was listening to one of the beryllium series at my local dealer recently. I found myself thinking as much about potential health hazards as I did about music. Beryllium is nasty stuff that can cause a lung disease similar to silicosis. I'm n... 
Apogee speakers repairable?
Many are, if you have the patience. Check out the Apogee user group at check out more detail. 
wadia digimaster x-32
The optical input is an ST Glass fiber connection, which is not compatible with the standard TOSLINK optical connection found on DVD players. Soundwatts is right - the coax connection uses a BNC connector. As he said, the best option is to termina... 
I'm using an SCD-1 for SACD and a Toshiba SD-9200 to dabble in DVD-A. Of course I'm listening to both formats in 2 channel. Actually both formats can be pretty good. Overall, SACD reminds more of analog than DVD-A, but DVD-A often has a sense of p... 
Does KT-88 runs hotter than 6550?
I don't know the Sonic Frontiers amp, but did you properly re-bias for the KT-88's? Properly biased they should draw similar plate current to the 6550, and not run hot. 
Which basic amps can drive 1 ohm loads ?
Actually Apogee speakers are not a highly reactive load. They are mainly a resistive load. Only the Scintilla ran at 1 ohm. Most other ribbon models run in the 3-4 ohm range, a horse of a different color entirely.Actually the Scintillas have a 3 o... 
Eldartford:Most DVD-A didks have a set of high resolution stereo tracks in addition to the multichannel tracks. These can have any standard resolution up to 192 khz/24 bit. I haven't run across one with stereo 192 khz tracks yet, though. So far mo... 
Is less than 24 bits worth it?
Welcome to the latest marketing race - DAC resolution. The truth is that despite having 24 bit converters, very few (if any) players truly achieve 24 bit resolution. The amount of precision required in the DACS and all downstage analog circuitry t... 
How much does rock-solid speed stability cost?
I wonder how much of your problem stems from off center holes in records. 
What would it take to balance a stereo power amp ?
There's really nothing you can do to balance the amp if it was designed single ended. Your only choices are to continue to run it unbalance, or replace it. 
how does paypal work
It's only a secure (depending on your definition..) method to transfer funds. It is NOT an escrow service, which allows the buyer to examine the goods before payment goes to the seller.