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The nightmare of the cartridge buyer...
In fact van den hull cartridges are cheap to retip by the builder. 
The nightmare of the cartridge buyer...
I got the same problem as you a few years back so I needed to rely on other audiophiles guy and specially on one of them who has the same taste in classical music as I have. I heard  zyx, ,koetsu,  air tight... on a high end turntable and finish b... 
Personal Turntable Evolution
1977 Lenco L 75 shure 75s1980 rega planar 3 mayware arm1986 rega planar 3 rega arm1989 pink triangle pt too rega arm2011 tweaked Lenco 752013 160 lb Lenco, massive aluminium plinth, origin liveConqueror arm, zyx airy 3. Will add a lite audio power... 
Artisan Fidelity Achates SE
It seemed, following artisan audio site , that the monarchy audio is discontinued and they recommend LITE P 100 instead. 
Comparing Classe' Audio's DR9 with Krell's ksa300s
I have the same experience as I use 2 DR9 bridged with apogee speakers. As soon as I found an rca mit 350 twin cable of 20 feet for a good price I shall compare xlr and rca. 
Pre-Amp Shootout
Many thanks for this very informative review. 
Anyone replace the power cord on 1200G?
On my lenco with massive aluminium plinth a shielded AC cord was easily better.Then putting the TT on the ground was another improvment. In the sixties the TT in Europ has just a two pins AC cord. 
Valves. Brimar Mazda ECC83 grey ladders plates NOS 1962-1972
I have a doge 8 pre, and Lua is the name for doge in Germany...In fact it depends a lot of your taste and the CD player.On my pre the Mazda grey plate was common, I prefer the silver plate but in Somme occasion people may found it too bright.For m... 
Review: MIT Magnum 3 series III Proline Interconnect
I am a bite late but I found your review very informative.I have settled on mit interconnect as I have panels and they marry well and I love fine soundstage.Curious, what cables have you now?Kind regards    Gilles  
who knows ZYX retipping or refurbish ?
Thanks for your answer. 
who knows ZYX retipping or refurbish ?
@ nandricHow your retyped airy 3sound comparing to the original.Thanks 
who knows ZYX retipping or refurbish ?
Try ana mighty sound, they have already worked on zyx cartridge. 
I need a fitting/appropriate tonearm for my Teres 340
I choose the zyx after reading the comments from A Salvatore on his blog and don't regret this.At first I follow his list of pre amplifier ,choose the doge 8 , then the lenco turntable,and  was enthousiast. The other parts of my system are differe... 
I need a fitting/appropriate tonearm for my Teres 340
Keep us informed. Thanks. 
I need a fitting/appropriate tonearm for my Teres 340
If I remember well the sensitive vat concerns zyx airy 2 and 3, at that time he has not revised the universe.With the last origin live model I do not know if it is possible to install the VTAF.. Dougdeacon may answer for the vat for zyx. His revie...