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Am I crazy????? Try THIS
the fact that my dogs can't physicaly pee on my speakers is enough for me, not that they would. young children cannot comprehend the importance of our highly valued speakers. now i have seen a speaker box thrown back and forth like a rag doll. hig... 
Am I crazy????? Try THIS
line, yes each speaker hangs to this day with 2 seperate chains. 
Bi-Amping My Mirage 3si's
i just un-bi-amped my nht2.5i, they sound so much better. seems to have twice the power. i couldnt understand why i had no highs, so i used just used my carver tfm15 to power the whole speaker. i had been using my hk avr20ii to power the top half.... 
Am I crazy????? Try THIS
my step-dad had a set of 901's hanging by chains. i never saw them move but i did hear them one time clear as day and i was outside about 200 yards from the house. phase linear power amp as i recall. 
nht vs cerwin vega
i scraped the bi-amp set-up. made the hk avr20ii the pre amp, used a good cable to connect it to carver tfm15. sounds a lot better. seems to have more power. hearing highs at a level i am happy with. 
Am I crazy????? Try THIS
i used 2 i bolts in the ceiling, a brass swivel and a bunch of black nylon webbing, (like seat belts are made of), to make a harness. 
Am I crazy????? Try THIS
i have a pair of cv re-30 hung upsidedown, to keep tweeter at ear level, for 10 years. 200 watts to each, even with the 12's maxed out on hip hop ive never seen them move. i have been thinking about putting my nht 2.5i in their place upsidedown af... 
What music do you want to play really loud?
bob dylan is the only music i dont listen to loud. 
hd tuner/hd-dvd player
ive heard that is going to change. 
Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever
shakeria, hands down, still shots dont do her justace. 
Guilty Pleasures?
bob dylan john prineprocol harumwilly nelson, i dont feel guilty, people just think im strange. 
Best tracks to "show off" your system
i like the clash and any thing from pink floyd. 
nht vs cerwin vega
new cords in place between cd and reciever. what a difference a few dollers can make. black sabbath, jimi hendrix, and rock and roll in general all sound better. they get loud. not like the vegas but every part of the nht seams to be superior so i... 
nht vs cerwin vega
subs now getting full-range signal as inscrutable suggested. sounds better and im glad. ive been looking to upgrade to hk avr230 which has mono sub-out. but has all the pre amp out-puts i want for future power upgrade. ive been told the avr230 has... 
nht vs cerwin vega
if it was just a question of ht, cw imho is a good choice due to low power amps in av recievers. no need to buy lots of amps and the subs are built in. if cw in not up to your standerds, klipsch should have something in their ref line that will ne...