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Upgrade question.
I own both Wharfedale Pacific Pi-40s and Pi-30s. The Pacific series was the forerunner to the Evolution series and uses the same drivers. Only difference is curved cabinet on the evolution series. I haven't compared directly with the Quad 21L (dif... 
Multichannel Preamp
Like Jeffreybehr, I haven't compared my Audio Refinement Pre 5 to any of the other 6 channel preamps out there, but I have been completely satisfied with it. It is a piece I truly would not hesitate to recommend. 
Spade on spade or banana and spade?
I've had exactly the same experience as Newbee. I would suggest using spades for the speaker wire and a banana for one end of the jumper (spade on the other). Hope that helps. 
foreign lyrics -------do you care?
For those brave souls out there who are not afraid to listen to lyrics in a language other than your own and find interest in a hauntingly beautiful female voice, try Artrosis. Medeah's vocals are, at times, amazing. I never knew Polish could soun... 
That dreaded hum
Tomcanale is precisely correct. I use the same setup and it works like a charm. 
Why am I experiencing listener's fatigue?
Vertigo, that would be waaaay too much toe-in for me. Try aiming your speakers at a point behind the listening position that is equal to the distance from the listening position to the speakers (7 feet behind the listener, in your case). If there ... 
What's the funniest song you ever heard?
Sorry, Aggielaw --- The Scotsman is by Mike Cross, not Brian Bowers...but it is hilarious! 
What's the funniest song you ever heard?
"Stripper Girl" by Metal Shop. You gotta love lines like:"Stripper girl, you're heaven sent. You pay my phone bill, pay my rent." or "I'll be there to catch you when you fall. If you buy me a cell phone you can give me a call."Hell, the entire alb... 
Opinions, Is this better for the Members?
Thanks Audiogon. That post was a lot more specific and clear than the quote that leads off this thread. With the additional information, I'm sure many of us will feel at least a little more comfortable with the new system. Unfortunately (unless I'... 
why spikes under speakers???
OK, then let me rephrase:The idea that spikes or cones or Audiopoints "drain" vibrational energy from anything is quite possibly the most absurd idea I have ever heard. It is not only totally ridiculous, but physically impossible. Feel better now?... 
Opinions, Is this better for the Members?
Sounds like it would make the feedback system totally useless to me. Seems like most everyone (so far) agrees that this is a mistake. 
A question of power
I'm not sure about this, but that sounds like it might be outside of tolerance limits on the high side. I'm sure someone here will have more knowledge about what the tolerance limits are, but you may want to have a chat with your power company. 
why spikes under speakers???
The idea that spikes "drain" vibrational energy from anything is quite possibly the most absurd idea I have ever heard. It is not only totally ridiculous, but physically impossible. 
why spikes under speakers???
Eldartford is correct. No decently made cabinet is going to be moved by a lightweight little driver. Vibrated/resonated, yes, but pumped back and forth by a driver...no way. Eldartford's experiment is the perfect way to prove that and to clarify w... 
why spikes under speakers???
Pbowne: Correct, but totally off-base. You are right that 1-3 inches of space won't do anything to affect the transmission of low bass sound waves. Unfortunately, that's not the transmission that's in play here. What spikes help with is reduction ...