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Your favorite but unknown
Two incredible bands, each from a different time, that seem to be relatively well known in Europe but just never caught on in the US...Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction: Tattooed Beat Messiah (1988)Freak Kitchen: Move (2002) 
Home Theater Volume ?
Slappy's got it right...check for dynamic range compression or 'night mode' and turn it on. With this off, dvd becomes more like the theater experience where loud is very loud and quiet is too quiet. Also check your center channel...I've seen seve... 
Audio Refinement pre5-dsp VS Lexicon MC-1
Andy's right, the Pre-5 doesn't do any signal processing...or even video switching, for that matter. But it sure does sound good. I've had it for over a year and I'm hooked. I think you are asking about the Pre-2 which, like the Lexicon MC-1, I ha... 
What do you look like?
Not that anyone really cares, but this is me...After that week, it's a miracle I can even hear my rig!!!http://teamronin.com/gallery/index.php?gallery=./Events/.bikeweekcrew&image=IMG_6387.jpg 
What's on your reading list?
Anything by Robert Ludlum 
Tell me about your sweet spot.
Speakers 8' apart, 4.5' from back wall, 3' from side walls. Listening position 8' from point midway between speakers with speakers angled in so that those imaginary flashlight beams would cross about 8' behind my head. 
Firesign Theatre
"Welcoming to Barbaria, my infidel friends. Ooh, what is this peeking out from under your underwear...it's a bottle of whiskey on my head. The whiskey head tax here in Barbaria is 1060 karooms or I could challenge you to a 'diet cola'""Just pay it... 
what cover versions are better than the original
HIM cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" from 'Razorblade Romance' 
Your latest "HOT " secret music............
Freak Kitchen, Move (2002). Best band around today that no one has ever heard of...at least in the States, anyway. They must be doing OK in their native Sweden, though, since this is their fifth release with the sixth scheduled for later this year... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
"When you're dreaming, fear life." Dream Song by Ministry from 'The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste' (1989) 
Low cost simple 5.1 pre-amp no processing needed?
I'll second the Audio Refinement Pre-5. Neutral to ever-so-slightly warm 5.1-channel preamp. Great build quality. But you'll have a difficult time connecting a processor and a SACD player to it, since it only has one set of 5.1 inputs. 
Good uses for a sound pressure meter?
Pmotz got it right. The difference in location of your ears vs the location of the meter is the most likely reason for what you heard that the meter didn't measure. As little as one foot is sufficient to make a noticeable difference. This is becau... 
Wharfedale Pacific Evo 10 Opinions
Hi Tony, I can't help you directly with the Evo 10's since I have not heard them. I haven't even heard the PI-10's, but I would have to question what you heard about them having a glaring treble. The reason I say this is because the PI-10's use th... 
Anyone still do insightful or intelligent lyrics?
Nrchy, taking into account the artists you mention, you may want to check out Joshua Kadison. While my musical tastes tend to usually lean in a much harder direction, it's the lyrics from this singer/songwriter that keep me coming back. Unless sug... 
Basic question about impedance and watts
Sorry Unsound...Mondial Designs was purchased by Klipsch, not Harmon. How that has affected their customer service is a question I cannot answer.