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The Definition of An Audiophile
Audio-phile: comes from latin AUDIRE which means hear and the greek PHILOS which means friend.1. Someone with a passion for sound reproduction who presents an obsessive-compulsive behavior generally leading to a loss of contact with spouse amd fam... 
Tubes and VU meters
Mcintosh's recent tube amps (MC 2102) fits your quest. Nicest VU meters in the world. 
"tube sound" character from tubed SACD player
Go with the Audio Aero Prestige SACD player, wonderful analog sound with astonishing imaging. It will give you what you want. Did it for me. 
Calling on B.A.T. VK-P10SE owners
Thanks to all for your answers. I know the P10 sounds better in balanced input option since a phono pickup is a inherently balanced device. Finally I decided to reterminate my phono lead (SME Din Van de Hul D501) with XLR plugs that I cannibalized... 
Tannoy Speakers
I own Tannoy Arundels with the 15in dual concentric drivers. I could not be much happier with those speakers. They are not «hifi» (they have a little horn coloration) but just plainly musical, coherent and easy to listen. They are efficient and pr... 
Best speakers for near rear wall placement?
Most Naim speakers are designed to be placed right against the wall, but expect a «flat wall» soundstage... 
Turntables from 1-10: Personality 8.5 Beauty 12
Hands down Oracle Delphi V. Design basically unchanged for mre than 25 years. Sounds great, easy to set up and compatible with many tonearms. 
help identify IC's
They are Cardas. What color is the cable jacket? The shrink tube on the end connectors is probably grey and Neutrik is the brand of connectors. The printing on Cardas wire is notorious for fading away with time and use. 
Most Quiet TUBE Preamp. Linestage. $ 12K or less
I had a BAT VK-51SE and heard no noise at all through 94 dB Tannoys. 
Moerch DP6 or UP 4
If you go to the Morch site, it will be explained. But basically the DP6 is a regular pivoted arm and the UP4 is a unipivot. 
Anyone here using vintage speakers?
I use Tannoy Arundel, 15in. coaxial ca. 1980. Redone the crossovers (without changing the values) with Mundorf caps, Solen Litz coils, Mills resistors and WBT posts. Refinished the veneer with burr walnut and they are stunning. They may not have t... 
any clues? on mystery TOOBS...
Most likely Russian origin. They a have a different code number than Western tubes. 
Tube Life Question: 12AX7 Drivers
I own a vintage Realistic (yes RAT SCHACK) Stereoline/40 tube integrated from the fifties and the 12AX7 drivers are original Realistic tubes. They still test «good» in my Hickok tube tester. How's that for longevity. 
BAT line stage and amp users: What power cords?
I have a similar setup (Wadia, VK-P10SE, VK-51SE, VK-75SE and Tannoys) and I use all Van den Hul cabling including their Mainstream powercords. They are affordable, clean, uncolored. I've tried other's (Shunyata, Nordost, Cardas) and prefered the ... 
Vintage Tannoy's,,what are your amps?
I own Tannoy Arundel that use 15' drivers, completely redone the crossovers (without changing any component values) and I drive them with an all BAT setup and could not be happier. IMO Tannoys may not be the most accurate speakers out there in ter...