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Cable break-in advice needed
According to the instructions on the Sheffield/XLO test and burning-in CD, when breaking-in a cable, anything after the cable can be turned off. So just leaving your tuner on all the time on a 24 hour station will burn-in your cable. You could als... 
Best Roof Mounted FM Antenna
I used to have a top shelf FM reception kit (FT-101A Etude from Magnum Dynalab) and live near a mountain that made reception very problematic. I solved my problems with the ST-2 Omnidirectional antenna from Magnum Dynalab. It has a coil at the bas... 
Absolute Best power amp, tube ss
My vote goes to the McCormack DNA-2 Deluxe Limited Anniversary Edition. Very powerful but extremely musical and fast. I had compared with Moon W-5, Krell KSA-300 and Levinson 335. Tubes, I would give my vote to Audio Aero's top model monoblock. 
Is Wadia back?
Yes they are back. I was at the Montreal FSI sound show and spoke to Matthew Bastien of Wadia and he told me that they have new products coming in high end 2-channel audio and home theater. They still offer upgrades on older models also. 
Energy Pro-22 Monitors
My father owns a pair and they sound great, good bass, great soundstage. Be careful to pair them with smooth electronics because the highs can be too present. Beware also that the tweeters can not be replaced if they fail. The speakers and drivers... 
99 10W Tube Mono Blocks?
I am in Montreal, Canada and was at the FSI sound show and heard them in person. They were connected to 3A MM Da Capo speakers (efficient and easy to drive) and they sounded very decent: good bass control and pitch, open midrange and smooth highs.... 
McCormack DNA2 Deluxe vs Sim Aud Moon W5
Go audioreview.com and look up the reviews on this amp. I agree with them and I have heard the DNA-2 Deluxe Limited Edition and I feel it is an extraordinary amp. Those amps are upgradable to higher levels by the original designer too. 
Anyone heard of LAT International Cables
I use their AC-2 power cords, they sound great and are unbeaten for quality vs price. Heavy gage silver over copper wire, teflon and polypropylene isolation quality Hubbell hospital grade plugs, what do you want more for around $100.00? I had comp... 
Long runs- digital or video
If you can use glass optical link (ST type or AT&T), anything less than 2 km will not have any loss.. 
Digital Cable from Transport to Dac
I will give you my 2 cents worth of advice. I own Wadia 8 transport and 15 processor and also have the 4 inputs. I have found through extensive comparative listening and also with the help of my local audiophile club, that the glass optical (ST ty... 
Koetsu Black Spec's?
I own a few of them. They should be loaded with 30 Ohms if you have a tube phono section or between 10 and 50 Ohms if you have a transistor phono preamp. Tracking force should be 2.0g and VTA should be right with the body parrallel to the record b... 
Best Speakers for small room under $3.5k
I agree with others that think the system you use is well balanced. Since I have a room of similar size I can say that Totem Mani-2's are very good and are full range, very revealing speakers. 
wow, a newbie power cord convert
I also used to be skeptical about powercords but they do make improvements in bass definition, naturalness in the highs and midrange clarity. I use L.A.T. AC-2 powercords: large gage silver plated copper, teflon insulation good plugs and very reas... 
LAT International wire
I use their power cords on all my equipement. They are sensibly priced $100US and as good if not better than others I have tried (XLO, Cardas, MIT etc). Neutrality and lack of any signature seemed to be their trait. Well recommended. Serge Jobin M...