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Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum - Worth spending $700+ for Mk.III version?
I would somewhat disagree with the above post....I love the CMIII with KT88s, and actually would sometimes run 88s in CMIIIs even when they were shipping with 120s.  I have several customers that run both, and both have their positives.    
Midrange Increasingly Harsh
Potential sign of tubes needing replacement? Also not fun to think about, but as we (and our ears) age, harshness can start to become increasingly worse, especially with speakers that tip towards being more on the detailed side.  
Cambridge Audio Evo 150 vs Hifi Rose RS520
I've never heard the Cambridge, but have sold several of the RS520s, and think they are quite good.  The GAN based amps in the 520 sound very nice, and should be a fun match with your Revels.  You likely have seen this, but the Stereophile review ... 
New- HiFi ROSE RS130 Ultimate Network Transport
I'm a Rose dealer.....not sure what reports you're seeing, but I've sold quite a few 150bs, and they are good (actually listening to my demo 150b as I type this).  The app is easy to use, and seems to be fairly stable (they do tend to push updates... 
Considering Shindo
Montille 391 is nice with the 93s.   Or if you could luck into finding a pair of the Charlemagne 80s, that's another really fun pairing.    
Need a new Class AB SS integrated...$2-3k due to hurricane
I've traded for a few Belles Arias in the past and they always seem to sound quite nice.  The Rega Elex MK4 is also very good.  Both should be good with your KEFs.  
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum - Worth spending $700+ for Mk.III version?
MC capability was the main feature, but the stage was supposed to have been improved in general as well.  With that said, I've never really done a back to back with a CMII versus CMIII only using the phonostage to see if you can tell a noticeable ... 
Considering Shindo
Nice change moving from the Manley to Shindo!  As mentioned above, the Monbrison is generally the "go-to" pre for lots of Shindo setups as it offers a lot of what the uber expensive Shindo pres have sound wise.  But I also really enjoy the Auriege... 
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum - Worth spending $700+ for Mk.III version?
Really all generations on the Cronus are nice, but as you move up, you generally end up with a lower noise floor/background and improved phono stages and headphone amps.  If you don't plan on using either of those (phonostage and headphone amp), t... 
2nd system for office, all-in-one integrated suggestions
So your $4k budget is for integrated (streamer/phonostage), speakers, cables?  Or is the cost of your turntable in that budget as well?  
Anybody heard of Falcon Acoustics?
@yogiboy Falcon dealers were also able to sell RAM models.  I had several of the RAMs on hand, as well as LS3/5a models.  
Which do u think is a better power amp? Cary Cad120s vs vtl st-150?
The 120S is really quite different from most other Cary amps, and comes across as a much more detailed sound. It’s not the typical "tubey" Cary sound (which I love). Having said that, I’ve never heard the VTL you mention, so not a clue how they co... 
Lumin U2 vs Aurender N200
Lumin dealer disclaimer..... I've had a few Lumin U2s come through so far and have been throughly impressed with the unit.  Unlike mentioned above, the Lumin sound is in no way "brittle".   I've never heard your Dac, so can't really say how that... 
Cary SLI-80HS modifications
Cary Audio dealer here..... and long time fan of the SLI80. I can say that I was mildly concerned when Cary released the info on the updated HS version and it losing the tube rectification, but I can say that the results are fantastic. I really l... 
Joseph Audio Perspective next steps
It will really ultimately come down to just how much low end info you want.  My demo area is larger than your room, and I have no issues making Perspectives work great.  Of course as mentioned, the Perspective is really more of a large mid size sp...