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Streamers made in America?
Cary Audio has several choices --       
Shout out to Revival Audio Atalante 3 speakers
I'm a Revival dealer........they do for sure open up with some hours.  
Shout out to Revival Audio Atalante 3 speakers
Yes, break in does help. But I have to say, they are pretty nice straight out of the box as well!  😀  
Shout out to Revival Audio Atalante 3 speakers
I've been highly impressed with both the 3s and the 5s.  Actually listening to my demo 3s as I type this.  Already sold the first pair of 5s I got in, so waiting for the next shipment to come in to get more. Taylor www.goldprintaudio.com  
Ortofon quintet vs. cadenza series
As an Ortofon dealer, the Cadenza Red is one of my favorites in whole Ortofon lineup.  To me, it has almost the perfect balance of slight warmth and detail, and is not super fussy about albums that are not perfect. And....it's not crazy expensive.  
Devore 0/96 and Room Size
Ok....15x19.5 should be fine for 96s.   
Hifi Rose RA180
Thanks @testrun !    
Rogue Preamp RP-1
As a Rogue dealer, I like the RP-1 quite a bit. It's one of my go to pre's in the sub $2.5k price range.  Have quite a few customers running them that love them. Funny enough, just sold one two weeks to a good customer of mine that was running a ... 
Devore 0/96 and Room Size
What's your overall room size?  You mention 15' deep, but I don't think I see the length or height.     
Joseph Audio: Perspectives and Pearls
To the OP.....if you have a particular finish option you are looking for picture wise, let me know.  I try to keep pics of all finishes on hand and would be happy to forward them to you if I have them (I'm a Joseph dealer as an FYI). In regards t... 
Digital upgrade: new disc player or better streamer?
I'm also a Lumin dealer, so it's going to be very interesting to compare the T2 to the 150. 
Digital upgrade: new disc player or better streamer?
Hifi Rose is new to the US, so probably limited number of people here that's heard it.  I've signed on with Mofi Distribution to be a dealer for Hifi Rose.....first units (hopefully) to arrive this month.  They seem to get lots of good reviews ove... 
Amp recommendations for Spendor
@colpgmrguy -- I'm in NC as well!  Give me a shout if you would like, I would love to help.  I'm a Spendor dealer.As an FYI, I have a Rogue Cronus Mag III demo here, so you would be able to hear it if it's something that interests you.I'm also pre... 
Amp recommendations for Spendor
*Spendor dealer disclaimer*I don't really think that there is a "set" amplifier that you need to go with to match well with Spendor...they tend to play nicely with lots of different amps (both the A and D series).You mentioned Luxman and Cary.  Do... 
KEF ls50 meta’s are on the way
@curiousjim --**KEF dealer disclaimer**Just wanted to add a couple a quick things for your questions....  The Metas are not super troublesome with room setup.  If you need to run them somewhat close to a wall, they will work (especially when utili...