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Looking for some opinions on some digital components my dealer recommends
I've been a Torus Power dealer for a while now.  In my opinion, the TOT Max is one of the best values in power conditioners available today.  It's really a nice unit (I use them in my main demo room).If you are also worried about surge protection,... 
Best skiinny floorstanders
Spendor A Series and D Series are both fairly skinny, and nice options.  As mentioned a couple times above, the Joseph Audio Perspective is a fantastic choice as well!(*dealer disclaimer...I'm a dealer for both Joseph and Spendor) 
Bel Canto Dac 3.7 in 2018?
@cnb3   I don't really know much about the Innous options, but a quick look appears to show it has coax and toslink out, so you should be able to use those.  If you want to use USB out, you will want a RefLink/ULink/MLink.Taylorwww.goldprintaudio.com 
Bel Canto Dac 3.7 in 2018?
@cnb3 I'm a Bel Canto dealer, so I can perhaps help a bit here.  If you can get a good deal on the 3.7, I think you will for sure like the differences b/t it and your current 1.7.  The 1.7 is a nice little dac, but the 3.7 really does take it up a... 
HELP! Large speakers fell over during shipping.
Are you sure the seller didn't accidentally ship them upside down?  Not sure how they could flip over when packed on a pallet.  ( or do you think they fell off the pallet and the shipping company put them back on the pallet? ) If there's no cosmet... 
Need a new amp
I'm a dealer for both Line Magnetic and Cary, so can perhaps help a bit. Both are very good options, although I've never heard either with Golden Ear speakers.Obviously one is an integrated and the other mono-block amps.  Would you prefer the inte... 
Clearaudio vs EAT turntables
What cartridge are you thinking about?  (or are you putting your Hana on the new table)The Pure Fidelity Encore with OL Silver arm will be right around your price range, and it's also a very nice table.https://purefidelity.ca/turntables/encore(And... 
Which speakers, if any, combine the strengths of Harbeth and ProAc ?
What are the strengths of each brand that you are looking for? 
KEF LS50 Meta and 40-ish WPC Tube Amps
It would work, but you're pretty close in price point to a Rogue Cronus Magnum III that will give you 100 watts per channel.  It's a nice match with the METAS.  (I sell both Rogue and KEF as a disclaimer) 
Bookshelf speakers for small room
That Luxman is a cool integrated, but obviously a touch pricey as it will take up basically half of your budget.In addition to the Harbeths, Spendor Classic 3/1 would be fun with that size room and the Luxman.That will leave you about $3500 for th... 
Bookshelf speakers for small room
What's your budget for the amp, dac, table and speakers?  (that will help with suggestions)What size is your room?   
Pass Labs vs. Sugden
@t_ramey I would look at the IA4 or ANV-50 on the integrated side (maybe even the A21SE).   
Pass Labs vs. Sugden
Sorry, but not true at all.....I have no trouble driving larger speakers in my demo area with the several of the Sugden options.Now if you are trying to say that PASS offers some amps that have more power, then you would be absolutely correct.  Su... 
Pass Labs vs. Sugden
Sugden is not anaemic at all.  I've had quite a few customers do a direct comparison to PASS and pick Sugden.In the end, both are great brands. 
Rogue Audio Metis Magnum upgrade.
Hey Tommy!  I'm a Rogue Audio dealer, so will try to help as much as I can. Have you sent Mark/Nick an email at Rogue?  They are generally pretty straightforward and helpful with items like this.Most of the upgrades I've seen in the past involved ...