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Replacement for 802 D3s
Joseph Audio Pearl 20/20 could be another great option to consider.https://www.josephaudio.com/pearl3(disclaimer....I'm a Joseph dealer). 
Joseph Audio dealer in the northeast?
Hey guys!  I'm a long time Joseph Audio dealer, and have never personally had issues with getting in touch with Jeff.  He does tend to be quite busy, but he really does try to answer every email (as noted above, I have had a couple customers see h... 
Pass Labs vs. Sugden
I'm a Sugden dealer......They build some flat out awesome gear, and sit at a price point that tends to be a bit less than Pass.Pass is for sure nice stuff, but the Sugden sound is quite amazing.  Build quality is also very good.  There's a reason ... 
Lumin X1 latest Review like we have been saying
@flip49er   One option you could also consider is running the X1 RCA outs to you Pass.  That would lower your output gain if you are worried about having too much.And congrats on the deciding on the X1!  As a Lumin dealer, I think it's one fantast... 
Looking for a ‘’No braine’r Integrated amplifier under 7500 or so
What speakers will you be using? 
Leben CS600 or Atmasphere or ARC
I'm a Leben and DeVore dealer.  The 600/600x are very nice matches with the Nines.I also sell Line Magnetic.....the 805ia is another option that works quite well with the Nines.I imagine Atmosphere would also be a great match, but I think their un... 
Marantz SACD30N
@jafant Yes!....These are built in Japan. 
New Rouge Dragon amplifier
I've not personally had any DragoN customers that run Maggies (yet).  But from memory, I did have a couple customers use the Medusa with Maggies.  I never heard them together, but those customers liked the combo. 
Line Magnetic LM-845 Premium - How quiet is it?
Noise wise, no different than any other large SET amp.  In general, they are very quiet. The units I've sold have been reliable.  Only 1 219ia I've sold that had to be serviced and that was due to a tube going bad.Are you located near a dealer whe... 
Marantz SACD30N
Marantz dealer here*As mentioned above, the SACD30 is close to the Ruby in sound.  I don't find these players dark or flat at all. 
Line Magnetic LM-845 Premium - How quiet is it?
I'm a Line Mag dealer.  I've sold several 845 Premiums (and the previous version...219ia).  I've never personally seen an issue with excess noise on one.  And generally, these are basically always used with higher efficiency speakers, so any noise... 
New Rouge Dragon amplifier
I've been really impressed with the Rogue DragoN.  I'm fortunate enough to sell both Bel Canto and Rogue, and having heard the 600s and DragoN back to back, you can't really go wrong with either. (imho)Vdotman above has a ton of time behind severa... 
Tube virgin looking for tube amp under $3k
Cary SLI80 is a great choice.  Raven should also work well.Another you might want to consider is the Line Magnetic 34ia.  It's a nice sounding unit.I would look for a preowned Leben 300xs.....it would be another fantastic option. 
Warm, rich but detailed SS preamp (made you give up tubes)
I was going to post Sugden also, but audioguy above beat me to it.  It's a great choice for what you are looking for.Riviera Audio Labs is another, but at a higher price point.(Disclosure....I'm a dealer for both Sugden and Riviera). 
Back to vinyl need phono stage help!
Lots of good choices listed here.If you really do want to stick to your $1500 price point, as mentioned above, the Parasound JC3 Jr is a fantastic option.  Lehmann Black Cube SE is another great choice (and closer to your $1000 number).(Parasound ...