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Chord Qutest with the Lumin U1 Mini VS Lumin T2
(Disclaimer -- I'm a Lumin dealer)I think you would likely be quite happy with ether option.  I've never heard a U1 Mini with a Qutest, but I would imagine it's likely a nice combo. The T2 is quite good. 
Parasound Hint 6 or separates?
No problem!  If you have any questions on the HINT6, let me know. 
Parasound Hint 6 or separates?
I'm a Parasound dealer and in general, I'll sell about 5 to 1 HINTs to the separates combo (P6/A23+).  The HINT really is a well done integrated that's a pretty nice value in regards to other units out there.Sonically, as noted above by a few othe... 
Any Fatboy Unipivot Users?
From a VPI dealer perspective, I can tell you on the last handful of VPIs I've sold, the customers have opted for gimbaled arms....with a few of those being Fatboys.  I personally like the gimbaled arms. 
Best bookshelf speaker?
Lots of good options you have so far.  As mentioned above, for sure add the Joseph Audio Pulsar2 to your list. 
Former Special 40 - Advice on next purchase?
I'm not Dynaudio dealer, but I've been fortunate enough to trade for a few pairs of Special 40s.  They are fun speakers for sure.I am a Joseph dealer, and your thoughts of the Pulsar would likely be a great choice for you.  I think it's a logical ... 
New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2
I some how missed this post from a few months ago, but I've been a fan of Joseph speakers for years, and a dealer now for a little over 10 years.  I have both the Pearl 20/20 and Perspective2s setup for demo (as well as Pulsar2s).  The Perspective... 
Best integrated for my needs????
You are going to have some pretty incredible units at and around that price point.I would also add the Riviera Audio Labs Levante as another to consider.  It's an extremely impressive integrated amp.https://www.rivieralabs.com/en/products/electron... 
Lumin X1 latest Review like we have been saying
@xcool    I've not heard a T2 with a Sbooster upgrade.....Interesting that you are finding it brighter in sound.  I don't find the X1 bright at all.  But you are going to have somewhat increased detail, that could potentially come across as a more... 
Recommendations for a modestly priced analog system
FYI....the built-in phono stage on the Cary is actually a decent stage...but as I mentioned above, is MM only. 
Recommendations for a modestly priced analog system
Your Cary will have an MM stage, so unless you want to run a step up, you'll want to look/consider an MM cart.You have TONS of great options for a table/arm and cart at that price point.  As matter of fact, you really don't need to spend that much... 
Lumin X1 latest Review like we have been saying
@xcool   I'm also a Lumin dealer, so perhaps I can offer a little insight on this.  Let me start by saying the X1 truly is a world class streamer.  But I'm a huge fan of the T2.  The performance it offers at it's price class is simply outstanding.... 
KEF ls50 meta’s are on the way
Having seen both colors, the titanium grey looks really nice in person (and I generally prefer black or wood tones when it comes to speakers). 
Looking for a speaker for my LM 845 Premium
There's also Auditorium 23 that are very nice with LM amps, but not sure of the pricing on those in your area. 
what happened to the Belles website ?????
I will say, when you have a volume knob shaped like the Sigs, I think it's a bit easier to see where the volume level is via the knob (especially if you are listening 8+ feet away).