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KEF ls50 meta’s are on the way
Glad you are enjoying them so far!  The Metas really are fun speakers, and quite amazing what they can do considering the modest size. 
Looking for a speaker for my LM 845 Premium
I would say that there are likely a few Audio Note options that would work well with the LM845 Premium. 
Rockport Atria II or Magico A5
@cantorgale   If you ever end up wandering down South, you are more than welcome to take a listen to the Pearls! 
Rockport Atria II or Magico A5
@cantorgale   Not sure where you are located, but if you happen to be anywhere near NC, I do keep a demo pair of Joseph Audio Pearl 20/20's on hand (and they are fantastic speakers). 
Small Footprint (compact) amp to power speakers?
The 2 suggestions above (Rega Brio and PS Audio Sprout) are both good options.  You could also look for a preowned Bel Canto C5i, but it would likely be in the $800 range price wise. 
Speaker upgrade
Great list of speakers you have so far!  The Joseph Audio Pearl 20/20 would be another fantastic unit to consider. 
Tube integrated for Devore Super Nines
I know we chatted on the phone a bit about these, and you have 3 great options you've narrowed it down to.  One more that you may want to think about....Line Magnetic 805ia -- https://www.line-magnetic.eu/en/products-line-magnetic-en/integrated-tu... 
Phono Preamp suggestions $2000 (pre-rabbit hole tire kicking edition)
So you only need MM?If so, I would for sure add the Leben RS30EQ to your list.  It would have to be used (and likely a bit hard to find), but it's a fantastic MM phonostage.I also love the Line Magnetic LP33.  It's quite good on both MM and MC. 
New Marantz Model 30
To the questions on the front faceplate, it's been a tad confusing.  The large center piece (with the knobs and display) is for sure metal.  The finished side pieces are a little deceiving.  I do believe they are plastic, but it's very hard to tel... 
KEF R3s or Dynaudio special 40?
Do you have the chance to listen to either?  I'm a KEF dealer and think the R3s are really a pretty nice speaker at the price point.  But I've also traded for 2 pairs of Special 40s over the last year and was really impressed with them as well. I ... 
New Marantz Model 30
I'm a Marantz dealer.  I've had a demo Model30 for a while now, and have sold a few as well.  To me, it sounds quite similar to the RUBY PM-KI.  Very nice sounding unit and they look even better in person then the pictures show online! 
Looking to buy a quality integrated $10,000 budget.
@lalitk I would be more than happy to chat with you in regards to the Leben. 
Looking to buy a quality integrated $10,000 budget.
@lalitk They are $16,500 retail in the US.  Tone Imports is the US Distributor for Riviera and I'm a dealer for the items that Tone distributes (Riviera, Sugden, Leben, Shindo, etc). 
New Cary DMS 700
I'm lucky enough to be a dealer for both Cary and Lumin.  Both build some extremely nice streamers for sure.Really excited about this new DMS-700......it really should be an incredible unit. 
Looking to buy a quality integrated $10,000 budget.
Slightly above your price point, but one of the best integrateds I've heard lately is the new Riviera Labs Levante.https://www.rivieralabs.com/en/products/electronics/levante/30 watts Class A (with the option to run it in Class A / Class A/B).  Tu...