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whats the best addition u have bought for system
A high quality tube amp. For me it was my Rogue Stereo 90. 
Warm copper speaker cables under $500 new
Warm speaker cables in my system were older MIT 2 and Audioquest Indigo and Sumiko OCOS. When I say warm I mean they had less resolution and transparency. I really like the Signal Cable Ultra cable, cheap, detailed and a pleasing bass response whi... 
Affordable interconnect for warm system
I really like the BPT IC-SL interconnect. Clear but not edgy/bright. Nice review at 6 moons.JCK 
Synergistic Integrated and CDP under 5k
Karelfd, regrading the Ayre integrated, I've read where you really have to use it with balanced interconnects for it to be a top performer. Any truth to this?Alex,I really like the looks and power of the CJ but read several times where it can be l... 
Tired of Expensive Speaker Cable. Alternatives?
Signal and Audio Art speaker cable have good reputations and are low priced. 
Signal Cable Analog 2
I use the Signal Two's and really like them. I also have Frank's Ultra bi-wire speaker cable,Silver ic and power cords. At one time I was all AU 24 and I enjoy the Signal Cables quite a bit. Frank is great to deal with. The Signal One's are less w... 
Warm Power Cord?
PS Audio Lab II 
Tube amp with SS like bass
Of course I meant the Audio Research 100.2 SS amp. May give me the best of tubes and SS. But do I really get an advantage over my VK-200? Guess I'd have to buy and try. 
Tube amp with SS like bass
Haven't been able to respond to my own thread due to a GI virus that had floored me. I really like the F2 floorstanders but will go with something bigger in the Tyler line, with a bigger cabinet and woofer in the next six months. House is very ope... 
Jolida JD 100 PC suggestions
John, it is Frank's Magic Power Digital Reference power cord.Jack 
Jolida JD 100 PC suggestions
I like my Signal Audio Magic Digital PC. 
Review on the Tyler Acoustics Lynbrook Signature's
Linbrook ownwers, I'm considering these or the II's as my next speaker purchase. My amp is the BAT VK-200. Is the 100watt/ch enough to drive these speakers, especially the I's with their multiple drivers? My previous amp was 200w/ch and the BAT 10... 
Recommend Power Cable for Aragon 4004MK2 amp
I have this amp and have used AU 24,PS Audio LabII and Signal powercords. All were better than stock. In my rig I liked the PS Audio best. Sold it though and am happy with the Signal. 
Floorstanders: 1k used-Psb,Audes,etc....
I like Tyler F2 Freedom series drivers put into a floorstanding cabinet. I really like mine. Great sound and looks. 
Down graded, with fantastic results
I recently did the same thing and am more satisfied with my system now than ever. I went all Signal cable as well and I went with Tyler Freedom series speakers. Those are two things we have in common with our "downgrades". I really like the Tylers...