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PSB Bronze Minimum Impedance and Sensitivity
Motdathird - Thanks. The Psb website info differs from the Stereophile Gold test measurements greatly. I'm curious what the review tech specs were for the Bronze?Jack 
Which tube friendly speaker?
Darqwolf - Living Voice is a great idea. Do you like the Auditorium's?Jack 
Which tube friendly speaker?
Yes Chelillingworth - -I'm looking used. You've raved about the Carolina Audio speakers. Do those little drivers put out any bass? 
Review: Krell KSA-150 Amplifier
Hi - Do any of you guys know the input impedence of the KSA-150? I want to drive it with a Theta Miles cdp's analogue volume control. My current amp,Aragon 4004,has a 22mv input imp. It is a perfect match. Any comments on the improvement I might g... 
Ultimate outlet or Tice solo high current
Got my ultimate outlet today. Makes an incredible difference!! Almost can't believe it for the price. 
speaker choice help below $800
Try the PSB Bronze. Forgiving of bad old recordings. Has bass. A floorstander. Efficient. Plays louder and rocks better than my Vandy 3's. 
best speaker for real world music
Great question. I'm in your camp. Listen to a lot of popular music and so-so recordings and don't need a speaker that takes all the enjoyment out of the music by exposing the recordings faults. I recently looked into speakers under $1500.00 that f... 
Amplifier Hum
Not sure what type of transformer it is. The amp has always had a hum for the 10 years I've owned it. Never considered it that irritating of a problem. 
Amplifier Hum
I have the 4004 Mk II. There is an audible hum. Mild but apparent. 
After Market Power Cables - Gold or Snake Oil?
I just recently ventured into the after market PC arena. They sure do make a significant difference in my set up. I hear more of a difference upgrading my CD players PC than my amps. I have the Synergistic Classic MC on the Miles CDP and the the S... 
Non fatigueing speaker under 1500
Thanks for all the input. I've decided on PSB Stratus Silvers or Bronze. They are forgiving,have a small footprint and are reasonably priced. Many good future options were presented for when the speaker upgrade bug hits again.Jack 
Non fatigueing speaker under 1500
Angela - Thanks for the input. I usually listen at normal volume levels and occassionally like to jam. It's like a sports car that goes 140 mph,won't always use it but nice to know it's there. 
Non fatigueing speaker under 1500
Asa and Rg - I see a pair of Proac 1.5's on sale now. Is the step up to 2.5's that significant. How much tube power do they need? Any certain brands?Jack 
Non fatigueing speaker under 1500
Cellorover - Meadowlark is coming out with a Kestral II. Might be more to my liking.Jack 
Non fatigueing speaker under 1500
Dan -I owned Vandy 3's for 10 years. They were just too big so I sold them. They also gave me fatigue at higher listening levels and just not enough detail. I then purchased Thiel .5's. Great detail,I heard things I never heard before on my CD's. ...