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Cable lengths
Wow, nice Bufus, I never would have thought it made that much of a difference (furtively slinking away to uncoil his cables). :-)Greg 
Why no analogue at ???
One more response in agreement with Jond, he makes the points very well. There is way too much static in the information there for it to be useful. The reviewers experience and expectations vary all over the place, from the kid who just brought hi... 
Sunfire Amp? Mods
Interesting mods Sean, they sound very enticing! I am curious as to what cables you feel fall into the category of "heavily filtered / shielded or an impedance altered" power cord. Any of the Harmonic Tech or Audience power cords?Greg 
Biamping B&W Nautilus 803's
I've seen them but they're rare. Quest for Sound has them on this site, I imagine there are others.. 
Any thoughts or experiences with DH Labs cables
I have BL-1s on my secondary sources and I would say that both these gentlemen have hit the nail on the head. Since my secondary sources have rolled off highs to begin with these work out pretty nicely for me. I haven't tried the Air Matrix or wha... 
Need Suggestion on Good HT processor new or used?
You might also want to check out a Sunfire Theater Grand II. I've been very leased with mine. They should be in your price range and since Sunfire is just bringing in the Theater Grand III, prices should be taking a dive in the near future. Only r... 
Customer service?
Sunfire was also very good. I purchased a Theater Grand II from a grey market dealer who claimed to be an authorized dealer. When I got my preamp, there was no warranty card so I called Sunfire. They were kind enough to replace it and give me a fu... 
Biamping B&W Nautilus 803's
I would give it a try with passive bi-amping and see how it sounds. The benefits with a passive bi-amp include: increased power, improved damping and keeping the back EMF from the woofers with intermodulating with the upper frequencies. Plus, if y... 
An unscientific poll: How often are you happy?
95% and about 12K with mostly used equipment. It's a 5 channel system so that isn't too bad. I'll be happy with this for quite some time. I'm not really an equipment buff, and for what I want it sounds just about perfect to me right now. The littl... 
Difference between 24/96 and 24/192
I know for sure the 525 and the 38A do, since I have owned both of them. 
Home Theater Component Placement Ideas
You do not want to run two different lengths of wire. See the recent "Cable lengths" in cables for the reasons why.Greg 
Why didn't the DAD format take off??
D'Oh! Sorry I just rechecked and the Musical Journey DVDs are 24 bit 48 kHz format, sorry if this caused any confusion. 
Why didn't the DAD format take off??
Definately DADs, I have fourteen now and just ordered another dozen. I get them from J and R, though they're probably available cheaper elsewhere.Greg 
Why didn't the DAD format take off??
If you like classical, the Naxos Musical Journey DADs are also excellant and is yet another company which released on this format.Greg 
built-in Xover during active bi-amping.
As I mentioned, you will not see the full benefit nor will you lower your speaker's resale value unless you remove the crossover. This approach will always generate debate much like vertical biampping, since it uses ideas from both active and pass...