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Electicity bill down 45 mo-
God bless you, I will do my part to make sure that reserve energy doesn't go to waste! :-) 
Beyond SACD with Redbook: Price No Object
Remember that this is "a price is no object" thread, and what us mere mortals find acceptable may vary somewhat. I would thaink for most folks, the results of taking a decent Sony player to a modder like modwright would be acceptable, even a stock... 
What about Bybee Filters?
Cool, let us know how it goes! 
Acoustic Zen Silver Ref vs. Kimber Select 1030
Thanks, Eagle, can't tell you how much I appreciate the information, those changes sound like just the ticket, mine are going back for an upgrade!Greg 
Acoustic Zen Silver Ref vs. Kimber Select 1030
Eagle, thanks for the upgrade tip, I called them this morning and they said the upgrade was $75 a set plus shipping. How does the upgrade imrpve on the original? (I have a set of the new style but they are breaking in yet, so the only noticeable d... 
built-in Xover during active bi-amping.
If your crossover has separately adjustable crossover frequencies like the Bryston, you can probably get away with not removing the crossover although the net effect will not be as good as removing the crossovers, it will preserve the resale value... 
5 ch SACD or DVD-A with vairable volume?
I'm not sure about stock units, but ModWright ( does a mod to the SONY XA777ES player which allow them to drive a amp directly. 
Acoustic Zen Silver Ref vs. Kimber Select 1030
I have all three AZ interconnects (Silver Refs, Matrix Refs and WOWs). The Silver References are definatley better than the Matrix. They have a tighter, better defined bottom end. The other differences are exactly what you say you're looking for, ... 
Why didn't the DAD format take off??
I agree that the DADs were a nice format. I personally like them very much since even though I own a DVD-Audio player, even if DVD-Audio fails, I will still be able to get better than CD quality playback on any DVD player. I think the 24/96 playba... 
Spring cleaning / audio sales
Cool, thanks Sean! 
What about Bybee Filters?
I had the Bybee filters installed by Dan in my Pioneer 38A. It was at the same time as I had the level 2 mods done to the transport and had the clock upgraded. It is therefore very hard for me to be sure which component upgrade was responsible for... 
help guy backs out of a sale after m.o. is iss
Agree with Glen, stop the money order ASAP! If he is honest, you will just get the canceled money order back. If he isn't he will have your money and you will have nothing!Greg 
How good are the Sony 9000es mods.?
Good luck, there are a number of folks out there who are very well thought of and can do a good job! 
SS amps. Why so much power?
Greater control of the speaker plus I play my music loud occasionally and having more power than I need means that I will not clip the amp which is the best way to blow up a pair of speakers. 
What is the best DB level to
I'm not sure we don't agree on what loud is, just the necessity for listening to music that way on a regular basis. I was a rock musician for a number of years (played bass) and when I quit my bass rig had 10,000 watts and lots of speakers to soak...