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ZYX Universe, Dynavector XV-1s, vdH Colibri, ??
I don't know what you're reading Nsgarch....but Arthur spends more time and space on the ZYX than most other cartridges he has ever tested.It is right after his Class A description of the DV1s in the Recommended Components File.http://www.high-end... 
Do you think you need a subwoofer?
Great articles posted by Davehrab.They explain it perfectly.I lived with the REL Stadium II subwoofer in my system for 10 years and loved every minute of it but my main speakers are large floor standing units incorporating 12" paper cone woofers w... 
How to best isolate TT from vibration?
Gee....it didn't sound like that when it was in my head???I've got to learn to read what I write!!??? 
How to best isolate TT from vibration?
You've heard it from Lolo, Nsgarch and Newbee.I'm an architect and they all speak the truth....and yes.....if you can mount off a masonry wall, all the better! 
Lyra Helikon SL Opinions?
I used a Lyra Helikon in a Hadcock GH228 Unipivot for 2 years and was very happy compared to my previous Clearaudio Insider Gold.I then switched to the Lyra Titan i and was disappointed.Whilst the detail was there, the bass was not as good but wor... 
tonearm match ZYX Universe Moerch and Triplanar
Ringy tone on MANY arms??!!!.....thou kiddest surely?!I have a 30 year old Hadcock GH228 Unipivot...UNDAMPED...with the ZYX Universe sounding amazing as it does on EVERY arm I've heard!I have to agree with Thomas on this one Dgad.....the ringing i... 
Cartridge comparison for best match
Try the ZYX Universe to see how far cartridege design has come in 10 years.It leaves the Clearaudio Insider Gold, Lyra Helicon and Lyra Titan i behind.Of course, as I'm reminded constantly...........it's only my humble opinion. 
Cartridge for Graham 1.5
Don't get hung up on compliance figures etc.The Graham is a unipivot arm and Lyras (particularly the Helikon).....work very well in it. 
Cartridge for Graham 1.5
I actually preferred the Helikon to the Titan i which I replaced after 2 weeks with the ZYX Universe.This cartridge is in a league of its own! 
Lyra Titan scarcity
Have a look today......my Titan i (new) is listed.